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Real-life stories from the most innovative global companies on how they improve healthcare every day. See the impressive results of organizations using Infermedica technologies.

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Case studies

Public Healthcare Provider

IMC: 55% of users followed the recommendation of self-care

Discover how the Institute of Mother and Child (IMC) used an online symptom checker to engage patients while reducing the load on physicians, nurses and medical receptionists.

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Healthcare insurance 

Leveraging a symptom checker to direct 15% of members to lower-cost self care

Learn how Nextcare added Infermedica’s symptom checker to their array of digital health solutions, and it became a highly valued feature in their mobile app, Lumi. 

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Providers’ network

2x in-network visit bookings via AI triage

See how an intelligent triaging tool engaged Solv’s patients, and helped them find affordable urgent care services.

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Virtual health platform

Providing a 97% accurate symptom check in remote areas

Discover how Digi-Dibia used symptom checking tools to equip and empower healthcare agents working with local communities, bringing medical support to those in need of help.

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Health insurer

37% of patients directed to teleconsultation

See how precise triaging helped direct patients to the appropriate level of care and brought real savings to a healthcare insurer.

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Private healthcare provider

99.4% of all reported clients’ symptoms are covered by Infermedica’s tool

Learn how our tool has prevented unnecessary urgent care visits and increased the frequency of self-care.

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logo Diagnotikare

Digital health platform

Operational efficiency increased by 39% with a symptom checker

See how a rising provider has used intelligent tools to optimize their resources, shorten visit time, and provide better medical services.

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Digital health platform

COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool: 3 weeks from conception to launch

Discover the story of building a COVID-19 calculator in just days to support global healthcare in distress.

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Use cases


Medical interview with a voice assistant—a voicebot that supports patients, contact center agents, and providers.


Microsoft Health Bot service—learn about the solution that enhances healthcare organizations globally.

Digital health platform

The story of a Mexican innovator that changed the market and provides health services through its state-of-the-art digital platform.


Infermedica and knǒk—a refreshing approach to healthcare accessibility with an easy-to-integrate telemedicine platform.

Care provider

International Medical Center—a hospital using a symptom checker as a gateway for new patients.

Healthcare provider

A modern digital healthcare platform using a smart symptom checker to establish patient-oriented services and communication.

Private hospital network

Europe’s second-largest private healthcare provider leverages Infermedica’s symptom checker for patient navigation and connection to services.

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