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Infermedica is a leading AI-powered engagement tool providing clinically validated navigation to promote better population health through improved access, education, and preventative services

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Proud to serve over 65 million patients in the Public Health sector

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Powered by AI. Built by Clinicians. Trusted by Patients.


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By 2030, the WHO forecasts a global shortfall of 10 million healthcare professionals

Consequences for Public Health

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Poor health outcomes

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Health workers burnout

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Limited access to care

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Increasing cost of care

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Long waiting times

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One platform. Integrated with your digital channels. Accessible for all.

  • Engage patients with on-demand access 24/7/365
  • Influence care-seeking behavior and reduce overutilization of services
  • Collect data to understand population health risks
  • Improve early detection and care navigation for high acuity conditions

Step 1

A patient, uncertain about their health symptoms, consults a government website or another public health resource for guidance.

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Step 2

Next, they complete a symptom assessment survey and are directed to the most appropriate clinical setting, or are recommended self-care at home.

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Step 3

They can also benefit from educational content and, via integration with third-party healthcare systems, book a consultation with a specialist.

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Selected modules marked as Class I Medical Device

Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

Compliant with standards for patient data protection


Quality Management System certified with PN-EN ISO 13485:2016

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Processes and Development Procedures certified with ISO 27001:2017

Improve access to care

  • On-demand 24/7/365
  • Omnichannel access points: apps, websites, electronic health information exchange
  • Improve access for people unable to attend a care setting in person, such as those in rural areas or caregivers
  • Available in 24 languages
Improve access to careImprove access to care
Influence care-seeking behavior IllustrationInfluence care-seeking behavior Illustration

Influence care-seeking behavior

  • Navigate patients to the right care setting
  • Support patients with educational materials
  • Encourage self-care and use of preventative services
  • Improve early detection of diseases
  • Reduce overutilization of high acuity services
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Increase efficiency of healthcare delivery

  • Reduce burden on overstressed public healthcare services
  • Improve effectiveness and resources allocation
  • Collect data for disease surveillance within populations
  • Analyze the risk of communicable diseases
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Improve access and guide patients to the right care at the right time

Results you can achieve with Infermedica


increase in self-care resulting in cost-savings


patient satisfaction rate


more clinical data points than industry standard triage tools


of emergency room visits redirected to lower acuity settings

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