Guide your patients to the right care

Infermedica makes it easier to pre-diagnose, triage, and connect your patients with the appropriate medical services.

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Infermedica's products

Symptom Checker

Listen to your patients, uncover the possible causes of their symptoms, and help them find the right care.

Call Center Triage

Check the symptoms of your patients in real time, reduce the cost of care, and enhance patient outcomes.

Medical API

Integrate the most advanced medical diagnosis API into your website, app, or tele-health system.

In a nutshell

Infermedica helps insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies increase efficiency, improve patient flow, and reduce costs.

    AI and physicians, together

    Our technology combines the power of algorithms and the experience of our doctors.

    Apps and chatbots

    We develop mobile, web and chatbot apps, that are easy to use and integrate.

    17 languages

    We are proud that our apps are available in 17 languages. More to come soon!

We’ve helped dozens of organizations since 2012

What our clients say

PZU Zdrowie

We highly appreciate the quality of Infermedica's technology, ease of deployment and the outstanding ability to adapt their solutions to our needs.

— Julita Czyżewska, CEO

Allianz Partners

Throughout our engagement we continue to be impressed with Infermedica’s involvement and the level of provided support.

— Dr. Matthias Kuss, Head of Health Innovation


Infermedica beats out other “elephants in the room” such as IBM Watson.

— Ben Rosner, CMIO

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