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External validation

Evidence-based trust

Digital healthcare is a relatively new concept. We believe it still requires additional research in terms of accuracy and safety. We’re proud to present some objective studies that demonstrate the quality of Infermedica’s platform.

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The quality of diagnosis and triage advice provided by free online symptom checkers and apps in Australia

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Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment

This Systematic Performance Case Study presents the investigation of 36 symptom checkers providing a medical diagnosis or triage advice, where each was tested with 48 medical condition vignettes (1,170 diagnosis vignette tests and 688 triage vignette tests).

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What makes us proud

Symptomate has the highest accuracy results:

  • 77% correct possible conditions listed in the top 3 results
  • 61% correct possible conditions listed as first
  • 81% correct possible conditions listed in the top 10 results
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Diagnostic Accuracy of Web-Based COVID-19 Symptom Checkers: Comparison Study

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Data Science Department, Symptoma, Vienna, Austria

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Medical Department, Symptoma, Attersee, Austria

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Department of Internal Medicine, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria

The study compares 10 web-based COVID-19 symptom checkers by assessing 50 COVID-19 case reports alongside 410 non–COVID-19 control cases. The aim of this study is to evaluate and the diagnostic accuracies of web-based COVID-19 symptom checkers.

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What makes us proud

  • A good balance between sensitivity and specificity achieved only by two symptom checkers – COVID-RA by Infermedica and Symptoma
  • Infermedica and Symptoma were ranked at the top in terms of the accuracy for COVID-19 evaluations
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Virtual Care to Increase Military Medical Centre Capacity in the Primary Health Care Setting: A Prospective Self-Controlled Pilot Study of Symptoms Collection and Telemedicine

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Singapore Armed Forces Medical Corps, Singapore

The study focuses on virtual care (VC) at a military medical center. 28 patients underwent on-premises VC, comprising of digital symptoms collection and telemedicine, in addition to the usual in-person physician consultation. While waiting for the telemedicine consultation, patients used the Symptom Checker app. This bespoke web application utilized Infermedica API.

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What makes us proud
  • 85.8% of patients were satisfied with the virtual care experience
  • 85.7% of patients agreed that the symptom checker was easy to use
  • Both patients and physicians felt that the symptom checker allowed for clearer and faster consultations
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Heuristic Evaluation of COVID-19 Chatbots

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University of Luxembourg

The results of a heuristic review of 24 COVID-19 chatbots on different channels (webchat vs messengers) for diverse topics (symptom-checker vs FAQ) and with varying interaction styles (visual-centric vs content-centric vs conversation-centric).

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What makes us proud
  • Infermedica ranked in the top 3 best scoring chatbots
  • Infermedica as one of the web chat bots with the most attractive graphical user interface
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How we pursue perfection

A carefully curated medical information database lies at the very heart of the Infermedica platform. Get a better understanding of the process that leads us to the better diagnostic accuracy and reliability of our technology.

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Content Development Process

The creation, validation, and maintenance of the medical knowledge base follow rigorous and well-established procedures.

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Acceptance Test Cases

Learn how we test the quality of our inference engine by carrying out assessments on thousands of well-documented clinical cases.

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The excellence of Infermedica’s technology is confirmed by real-life implementations in ecosystems of leading healthcare service providers.

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