PZU Zdrowie: 37% of patients directed to teleconsultation with the help of AI-powered technology

PZU Zdrowie, one of the largest private healthcare providers in Poland, is steadily expanding its medical network and range of services with patient-centric, innovative solutions. We assist its medical and non-medical staff in triaging and guiding patients to the right care with our AI-enabled Call Center Triage. Data collected during the cooperation shows that in 2019 PZU Zdrowie directed 37% of patients with new health problems to telemedicine consultations.

About PZU Zdrowie

PZU Zdrowie is one of the TOP3 private healthcare providers in Poland. It offers healthcare services via insurance, subscriptions, and fee-for-service both for individual and corporate clients.

  • 130 own medical facilities
  • above 2000 partner facilities in 600 cities in Poland
  • 2.5 million clients using PZU Zdrowie products



of medical & non-medical call center consultants

2.4 million

calls in 2019 with a maximum of 15,000 calls in one day

30 seconds

average wait time upon connection

Key challenges for PZU Zdrowie

Meeting expectations

  • Meeting the increasing demand for healthcare services in times of health workforce shortages and rising costs of care
  • Addressing patients’ expectations of high-quality healthcare services delivered in the most time-efficient way

Improving quality

  • Helping patients in getting the right-fit medical care and preventing them from unnecessary visits with multiple specialists
  • Supporting call center medical and non-medical operators in triaging patients and directing them to appropriate care

Creating innovation

  • Reinventing healthcare and introducing new patient-centric innovative solutions like telemedicine, direct chat with doctors, telemedicine kiosk

The solution: Infermedica’s Call Center Triage

Our Call Center Triage Platform is a powerful, cloud-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to help medical and non-medical consultants to direct patients to appropriate and cost-efficient care. The platform is customizable in terms of the triage logic and the conversation protocol so it can be applied in various scenarios including call centers and emergency departments.

The goal of our Call Center Triage is to:

  • Assist call center operators in prompt and accurate triage and pre-diagnosis of patients
  • Prevent unnecessary appointments by recommending the most suitable health services
  • Convert face-to-face visits to teleconsultations
  • Detect urgent cases quickly
  • Standardize the process of triage interviews

The Call Center Triage in everyday use

After tailoring Infermedica’s Triage to meet the needs of PZU and its patients, the platform has become an integral part of the process of booking medical appointments via the PZU Zdrowie helpline.

The optimized patient flow can be described in seven simple steps:

Results & benefits of the cooperation for PZU Zdrowie


In 2019, with the help of our Call Center Triage Platform, PZU Zdrowie directed 37% of patients with new health problems to telemedicine, instead of face-to-face visits with primary care doctors and specialists. That means, precise triaging and pre-diagnosis helps to direct patients to the appropriate care and, as a result, brings real savings to the company.


of patients with new health problems were directed to telemedicine


of patients who intended to see a doctor in person decided on teleconsultation first


of patients who intended to go to the emergency room changed their mind


of patients who intended to go to the emergency room chose teleconsultation instead

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction increases, since they are assisted every step of the way and guided individually to appropriate care. Getting medically accurate advice can be as easy as picking up the phone. Patients receive appropriate care in a time-efficient manner, instead of researching their symptoms online and stressing about the information from unreliable sources.


Call Center Triage has helped PZU Zdrowie standardize the process of interviewing patients and coordinating advice given to patients. This has not only improved the quality of services provided by the call center, but has also been helpful to the operators. Following a satisfaction survey amongst operators, the Call Center Triage scores, on average, 2.98 out of 3 among the users.


Thanks to anonymous data collected regarding triage levels and potential conditions, the company can better address the healthcare needs of the existing patient segments and develop health products to meet those needs.

1 out of 8

patients is diagnosed with a common cold


of the new health problems are related to orthopedics, among which 1/3 to back pain


report 30% less gastroenterological problems than men


Introducing new, patient-centric, innovative solutions is one of the main goals of PZU Zdrowie. This approach has helped the company enhance its competitive edge over other market players and will continue to do so in the future.

PZU Zdrowie’s opinion

From signing the contract to going live with the Call Center Triage it took around 2 months. During the implementation of the Platform the combined teams of Infermedica and PZU Zdrowie provided customizations of the triage logic and conversation scripts. Our main aims were to standardize the call center processes of triaging patients for medical and non-medical operators and to disseminate telemedicine among our patients.

We decided to have a 9-month pilot first in order to see if the tool brings benefits to the call center in a way that we expected and assumed it should. We were happy both with the results of the pilot and with the quality of cooperation with Infermedica. After the pilot, we continued using the Call Center Triage solution and moreover - we launched Infermedica’s another product - the Symptom Checker - on our patient’s portal. Now it’s been almost 3 years since our companies work together.

Maciej Dobrzyński

Head of Operations at PZU Zdrowie

2 months

implementation from signing the contract to going live

9 months

duration of a successful pilot

over 3 years

of collaborative success

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