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We're changing for you! Infermedica is transitioning into a platform, check how we support call centers in healthcare.


Patient triage tool for call centers

Check patient symptoms in real time. Reduce cost of care. Enhance patient outcomes.

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Uncover your efficiency potential

The need for healthcare services is ever rising. The cost is too. We have solutions to streamline your processes, from symptoms to outcomes, while maintaining your high quality service.


in healthcare savings per year when patients are led to proper care


of cases can be self-treated or treated through teleconsultation

NEHI Research Brief, NPR

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Improve your triage with AI

Infermedica technologies are powerful: using artificial intelligence to correctly and cost-efficiently identify care for patients. Call centers and emergency departments benefit greatly from this solution.


  • Reduce waiting times
  • Standardize the conversation flow
  • Improve triage & prevent unnecessary visits
  • Promote telemedicine and self-care

Optimize patient flow

Identify patients’ needs and appropriate care. Using our technology, it is easy to accurately identify those who can self-treat, qualify for teleconsultation, consult a doctor, or seek immediate medical treatment.

An internal study reveals that call centers using Infermedica triage tools have successfully diverted 18.9% of face-to-face visits to teleconsultations.

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How does it work?

Technology you can rely on

Our power is in the strength of our algorithms and data models, supported by world-class science experts and physicians. Our platform is always improving. New features are added regularly.

  • 60,000+ hours of physician review

    Our medical database is fed from the world of science and medicine through well-respected publications.

  • 93% engine accuracy

    The accuracy of our technology is confirmed with cases from BMJ, NEJM, JAMA, and others.

  • 10,000,000+ health checkups

    Our technology supports patients every 5 seconds, helping them make better-informed decisions about their health.

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20 languages

Call Center Triage speaks your language! Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian. In just one click, interview results can be translated into the language of your choice.


Medis logo

Médis, the leading Portuguese health insurer, is working with us on the most sophisticated decision support tool for nurses to date, demonstrating the superpower of the solution.

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PZU zdrowie logo

PZU Zdrowie, the healthcare division of the largest insurance company in Poland, rolled out our call center triage tool, demonstrating the cost-efficiency of the solution.

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Triage made simple

Infermedica’s platform is for everyone. No medical training required. Your employees are supported throughout the triage process. Your patients are provided safe and reliable recommendations.

  • Users rate the application an average of 4.65 out of 5 (93%).

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Get greater overview

With Infermedica’s platform you collect and analyze data effortlessly. Access detailed activity reports and statistics. Determine the percentage of teleconsultations used. Analyze trends.

Keep track of patients' symptoms

Browse call history or search a specific conversation. See which symptoms were reported by the patient and what recommendations were given.

No integration required

Call Center Triage is a stand-alone web app accessible directly from your browser. It can easily be incorporated into your existing tools, websites, mobile apps, and telehealth platforms.

Tailored to you

Customize the look and feel of the app to fit your brand. Add your logo. Use your corporate colors. Customize the interview scheme. We can deliver it in just a few days.

Illustration showing customisation capabilities

And more!


Call Center Triage works for call centers of any size and can handle large volumes of calls.


Our pediatric and adult medical content base is adjusted to the patient's needs, capacities, and everyday language.


We export data to any format you need and can integrate with third-party software and more.


No guesswork. Our platform operates 24/7, producing the same results in all circumstances.

Simple and aesthetic design

Designed with simplicity and modern aesthetics in mind. User-friendly, you’ll be off and running within minutes.

Constantly improving

Our clients' feedback allows us to constantly update and improve the platform to meet your growing needs.

Let’s discuss your challenges

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