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We know that access to verified medical information is key to improving how people across the world use medical services. Find out more about our physician-led database of medical concepts here.

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Medical knowledge and data

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Creating content

It all starts with data. We want our database to resemble the knowledge and processes that physicians use daily. That is why our medical team built a complex network of interlinked medical concepts. This framework allows us to assess patient's symptoms in a similar way to doctors, by simultaneously analyzing symptoms, conditions, and risk factors.

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Probabilistic modeling

Expert medical knowledge is used by our inference algorithms to process patients' data and draw conclusions on their health. It is also used as a part of the feedback loop to continuously improve our solutions over time. With care and precision, our team links medical content with our inference engine to guide millions of patients to the right level of care.


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Our medical content has been growing over the years. We began with the most frequent everyday diseases like the common cold or migraines. Later on, we expanded our base with skin conditions, mental health issues, and surgical complications. Lately, we have focused on the analysis of injuries and, more recently, pediatric conditions.

Jakub Jaszczak

Medical Doctor & Product Manager at Infermedica

A team of seasoned experts

The medical content team consists of experts representing different medical specializations and levels of seniority. They work collaboratively, building our content with a comprehensive approach to patient health.

Evidence-based sources

We currently use over 12,000 unique sources from over 770 domains, including well-established journals, guidelines, and publications from international health organizations (WHO, CDC) and numerous medical papers with high impact factors.

Clinical validation

We established a content development process that prevents errors and maintains the highest quality of publication standards. This process includes eliciting expert knowledge, clinical validation, acceptance tests, technical reviews, and tests.

Continuous improvement

Content validation continues even after information is made available to our users. Our physicians collect feedback and keep our database up-to-date with the latest research. Our physicians also share their experience of millions of real-life cases, which helps us to improve our engine’s accuracy.

A transparent process

Transparency is fundamental to Infermedica. That is why we have open access to our content creation procedures and acceptance test cases.

Our medical leaders

Portrait of Irving Loh
Irv Loh
Chief Medical Officer
Portrait of Mateusz Palczewski
Mateusz Palczewski
Head of Clinical Validation
Portrait of Jakub Jaszczak
Jakub Jaszczak
Medical Product Manager
Portrait of Ania Nowicka
Anna Nowicka
Head of Medical Content (Adults)
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Katarzyna Trybucka
Medical Consultant
Portrait of Filip Banaszak
Filip Banaszak
Head of Medical Content (Pediatrics)

Expert medical knowledge available to all

Technology for the whole family

Infermedica’s medical knowledge base is oriented toward both adult and pediatric users. It differentiates disease symptoms based on the patient's age. Healthcare organizations can use it to provide safe, and precise, healthcare recommendations to customers and their loved ones.

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Medical content in 24 languages

Access to medical knowledge should be borderless. That is why we continuously work with physicians and communication experts from various continents who help us translate and adjust our medical knowledge base. We include local specifics and common names of medical terms. So far, we have 24 languages and the capability to add even more.

Simple words for complex medical terms

Clear communication between patients and physicians is key to a good therapeutic relationship. And this is no different for digital tools. That is why all medical terms are displayed with their common names, which are often more familiar to patients. The accuracy of these terms is ensured by our international group of medical translators and physicians.


Leveraging our Medical Knowledge Base

Incorporate our top-notch inference engine and its vast medical knowledge into your businesses’ virtual healthcare product. Check out our ready-to-use features or leverage the flexible Infermedica API. Use it freely to build custom solutions, create multiple interfaces, scale up, or simply integrate it with your existing systems.

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