World-class medical diagnostic engine

At Infermedica, we aim to connect people with the medical services they need. This is possible thanks to our AI‑powered diagnostic engine that precisely analyzes patients' health.


AI-led medical interview

Infermedica’s technology draws conclusions from patient data to construct personalized medical interviews on the fly. Our AI asks the right questions to gather supplementary health information, better understand patients' health, and give appropriate recommendations. The process consists primarily of the following:

  1. The personalized patient interview starts with gathering initial symptoms, risk factors, and demographic data. Additional input regarding the symptoms' occurrence or severity makes the engine even more precise.

    • The engine is backed with a comprehensive library of thousands of medical conditions
    • It covers multiple medical specialties, including pediatrics
  2. The diagnostic engine uses initial evidence to construct a personalized medical interview based on probabilistic models and reasoning techniques. It was developed by our data scientists, who collaborated closely with medical experts.

    • Algorithms follow the rules physicians use to generate a differential diagnosis
    • The engine verifies various conditions at once and is more effective than a fixed rule-based system
  3. Infermedica’s AI knows exactly when to stop asking questions. The diagnostic engine observes correlations between patients’ symptoms and hundreds of diseases. With every answer from the user, it becomes more confident about the most probable conditions.

    • It’s one of the shortest pre-interviews on the market
    • Questions are generated dynamically during the interview
  4. Finally, the diagnostic engine presents the most probable causes of the symptoms, which are paired with the suggested level of care. All recommendations are adjusted to the individual patient’s case.

    • Our triage recommendations are based on a 5-level scale (self-care, consultation, consultation 24h, emergency, ambulance)
    • We provide guidance for level of care, recommended medical specialist, communication channels, and more

Our engine’s abilities

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    The diagnostic engine is able to analyze numerous symptoms, conditions, risk factors, and demographics at once.

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    Small bits of evidence can make a big difference. Our engine adapts as it learns about patients’ complaints.

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    Instant results

    Our engine can investigate multiple conditions in real time and provide guidance in a matter of minutes.

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    Dynamic logic

    Our AI asks fully dynamic questions—there is no fixed logic or prescribed path.

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    Blazing speed

    It reaches high performance with an unmatched query response time of ~0.1 s!

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Foundations of AI

Continuous improvement

Machine learning

Based on the observation of a powerful database, model data (Supervised ML), and feedback loop, the system identifies patterns, statistical facts, and learns to make better decisions and conclusions.

  • Evidence-based literature
  • Feedback loops with clients
  • Large anonymized data sets

Probabilistic modeling

Scientists, engineers, and doctors have contributed to our algorithms and probabilistic models. These parts of our engine are based on modified Bayesian networks and machine learning methods.

See how we test engine accuracy
in the series of blog articles →

10+ million

successful health checkups

1+ million

structured patient cases


engine accuracy


Medical quality ensured by physicians

Thousands of symptoms, risk factors, conditions, and the precise connections between them are sourced and verified by a team of experienced physicians. They use only proven and reliable sources of medical knowledge and follow scientific principles of clinical validation.


medical concepts






risk factors


hours of physician input


medical experts engaged

Our Medical Knowledge Base is the very foundation of all the products we offer. It directly reflects how effective and accurate our diagnoses are. It is kept thorough and up to date, just like that of an actual doctor.

Jakub Jaszczak

Medical Doctor & Product Manager at Infermedica

Jakub Jaszczal

Jakub Jaszczak

Medical Doctor & Product Manager at Infermedica


Our engine’s extensions

The diagnostic engine lies at the core of Infermedica solutions. It can be complemented by various components and features that strengthen its health-assisting and patient-routing abilities. These elements can be selected and implemented according to a businesses’ unique needs.

  • Specialist Recommender

    Augments patient interviews by recommending a specialist and connects them with your services seamlessly →

  • Third-person questions

    Enables medical guidance for family members, friends, or medical experts caring for someone else →

  • Rationale

    Brings transparency and understanding to the users by showing them the reasons behind the AI’s questions →

  • Explications and instructions

    Improves user experience by helping them understand medical concepts and perform basic examinations at home →

  • Explain

    Presents gathered information in a synthesized form to patients or physicians with all evidence for or against a given condition →


How to use it

Incorporate our top-notch diagnostic engine and its vast medical knowledge into your businesses’ virtual healthcare product. Check out our ready-to-use features or leverage the flexible API gateway. Use it freely to build custom solutions, create multiple interfaces, scale up, or simply integrate it with your existing systems.

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