Medical Guidance Platform

From symptom onset to resolution, our digital platform guides patients, clinicians, and administrators toward more meaningful physical and mental health outcomes.


Symptom to navigation

Infermedica supports extensive assessment, analyzing mental and physical health symptoms to ensure users get the right care at the right time with:

  • Symptom analysis
  • List of probable conditions
  • Triage recommendation
  • Connection to care




Intake to consultation

Our platform prepares patients and clinicians for consultations and make visits more meaningful by offering:

  • Pre-visit patient intake
  • Dynamic symptom survey
  • Summary of collected/analyzed evidence
  • Input for automated notes




Treatment to outcome

We support users along their healthcare journey with convenient tools for:

  • Tracking symptom progression
  • Analyzing new symptoms
  • Low-acuity care guidelines
  • Connecting to care, if necessary

Platform layers

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Toolbox ready to support your digital health services


  • Secure

    Compliant with the highest standards of data protection.

  • Proven

    Developed and maintained with the evidence-based approach.

  • Modular

    Interchangeable modules with consistent user experience.

  • API first

    Consistency of implementation; simplicity of use and performance.

  • Rapid deployment

    Technologies hosted on Google Cloud Services.

  • Integrated

    Easy to integrate with other health IT systems.


  • Multilingual

    Simplified medical terms; available in 24 languages.

  • Easy-to-use

    Accessible features; easy to use for patients and medical staff.

  • Value-driven

    Creating new value for patients, providers, and managers.

  • Configurable

    Several levels of configuration for your UI; adjustable to user paths.

  • Data-rich

    Valuable insights into community needs.

Why work with us?

Gain a technology partner driven by purpose and passion

Tried and tested

Infermedica tools have performed over 18 million health checkups. These served patients, but also helped us to validate and improve the concept of intelligent health triage.

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Obsessed with accuracy

Our accuracy and safety scores are among the highest in the industry. Our feedback loop ensures continuous improvement of the engine optimizing safety, efficacy, and usability.

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Ultimate flexibility

Our digital solutions are available through a powerful API that allows organizations to build, configure, and integrate them.

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Innovative partner network

Together with our partners, we shape a complementary environment of modern healthcare solutions.

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