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MEDICAL Guidance Platform



Intelligent medical data collection and consultation support

The Infermedica Intake module improves patient-physician communication with hassle-free intake and simplified data transfer right to the doctor’s desk.


AI assistance for your primary care environment

Primary care centers are filled with stressed patients, overburdened physicians, and an ever-increasing sense of pressure.

Infermedica Intake provides relief by streamlining patient intake data collection. Equipped with intelligent algorithms, it empowers patients before the visit, provides practitioners with essential patient data prior to consultation, and improves overall efficiency across the healthcare journey.

Patient Survey

An intelligent tool that gives patients additional time and space to prepare for their visit and helps minimize stress and waiting times. Through a dynamic interview, it collects patients’ essential information:

  • Demographic data
  • Symptoms and risk factors
  • Chronic diseases
  • Specialists
  • Medications
  • Hospitalizations and operations
  • Allergies

Doctor’s Panel

An interface built for efficiency that allows physicians to avoid asking repetitive questions, minimizes admin tasks during the visit, and frees up more time to spend with patients. It supports doctors by providing them with:

  • Present and absent symptoms
  • Structured medical history
  • Pre-populated notes
  • List of the most probable conditions
  • Medical consultation support
  • Simplified data transfer to EHRs


The information on the images shown above is simulated; it does not represent real data.

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Infermedica Intake is the answer to multiple healthcare challenges. It simplifies patient intake and streamlines data directly to the doctor. The module was built in collaboration with physicians and leverages the proven capabilities of Infermedica’s platform.

Tom Fernandes

Product Manager, Infermedica Intake


Improved efficiency and quality across healthcare

Better communication between patients and physicians starts a positive chain reaction. Adopting Infermedica Intake leads to various benefits that begin in the doctor’s office and resonate across your healthcare organization.

Enhance the patient-doctor connection

Higher user satisfaction

Patients come prepared for the visit and physicians have essential patient information. With the subsequent reduction in administrative burden, both parties can focus on the patient’s needs.

Medical consultation support

The Intake module runs a preliminary assessment of symptoms and shares its results—including a list of the most probable conditions—with physicians supporting patients on their healthcare journey.

Reduce physician burnout

A major portion of repetitive tasks is removed from the physician’s workload, leading to less stress, decreased administrative burden, and more quality time for patient diagnosis and treatment.


Shorter average visit time—20 min reduced to 12.5 min.


Accuracy of possible conditions, validated by physicians.

Extending value-oriented care

Reduced costs

Faster access to patient data and more accurate diagnoses means better decision-making and avoidance of unnecessary appointments, tests, and treatments.

Centralized data

By gathering and analyzing patient data sooner, the Intake module opens the door to a more patient-centered approach and strengthens existing value-based programs.

Continuous learning

Infermedica Intake is part of our Feedback Loop—a continuous flow of information that allows us to learn from analyzing physicians’ feedback and provide you with better more accurate over time.

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Human, credible, flexible

We realize our vision, mission, and values by focusing on quality and developing features that elevate our technology to the highest level of inclusivity.


  • Multilingual

    Available in 3 languages. More coming soon.

  • 24/7

    Here for patients at a convenient time and place.

  • Patient-friendly

    Informs patients with simple language and explanations.

  • Made for doctors

    Summarizes patient data to simplify doctors’ work.


  • Secure

    Compliant with the highest standards of data protection.

  • Proven

    Developed and maintained with an evidence-based approach.

  • Structured data

    All conditions are organized and marked with ICD-10 codes.

  • Configurable

    Many levels of configuration; use your UI and business logic.

Complies with the highest standards of quality and data security

Module marked as a Class I Medical Device

Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

Compliant with standards for patient data protection

Quality Management System certified with PN-EN ISO 13485:2016

Processes and Development Procedures certified with ISO 27001:2017

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