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Create unique healthcare solutions with our API

Leverage the powerful capabilities of Infermedica’s Intelligent Core and features. Build custom solutions addressing your healthcare challenges with Infermedica API.

API’s core technologies

Leverage AI for your healthcare platform

Infermedica API gives you convenient access to trusted and proven medical technologies crafted by world-class physicians and engineers to help you introduce the next generation of digital health experiences.


Incorporate the unique capabilities of an engine powered by AI

  • Real-time symptom assessment
  • Dynamic scenarios, no fixed paths
  • 94% engine accuracy

Knowledge Base

Access our world-class medical knowledge base

  • 2800+ medical concepts
  • Adult and pediatric coverage
  • 110,000+ hours of clinician validation


Use NLP to understand your patients better

  • Instant analysis of patient messages
  • Recognizes medical and common names of symptoms and conditions
  • Ready to work with the conversational interface of your solution


Create integrated user journeys

Navigate users to the right care at the right time and ensure a seamless care journey. Implement our AI-powered tools to help members understand their physical and mental health symptoms and provide clinically validated recommendations for next steps.

Tools for patients

Explore API features that let you build dynamic patient surveys, guiding them to the appropriate level of care.

  • Pre-visit symptom analysis
  • Medical history collection
  • List of possible conditions
  • 5-level triage recommendation
  • Specialist recommendation
  • Educational articles

Data for medics

Develop unique flows that collect patient data ahead of time and equip medical staff with important information

  • Collection of demographic data
  • Summary of patients’ symptoms
  • Patients’ medical history
  • Pre-populated notes
  • Simple data transfer to EHRs
  • Recommended possible conditions


Platform driven by developers

Give your developers the flexibility and freedom to work with the most advanced medical technologies.

Comprehensive documentation and templates

Access our dedicated Developer Portal for comprehensive documentation, including Swagger and Postman, as well as example implementations.

Unified design and system architecture

By utilizing Infermedica’s Intelligent Core, along with our Component Library, it’s easier than ever to stay consistent across multiple touchpoints incl. web apps, chatbots, contact center tools and more.

Security and privacy built in

Our API is stateless and doesn’t store personal data. Our engine only processes statistical and anonymous information, such as symptoms. No personal context or information is ever collected.

Single source of medical concepts

All our medical resources have a single source that is continuously verified, developed, and deployed by our medical teams. It is accessible with Infermedica API.


Medical apps

Patient portals

Telemedicine tools


Contact center tools

Intake surveys

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Infermedica API is a well-established solution for a wide variety of healthcare use cases, with 100 companies already using our solutions. It’s easy to use and rich in features, making it a perfect fit both for development and R&D teams.

Bartosz Kijanka

Lead Software Developer, Infermedica


Achieve excellence in your digital healthcare

By accessing Infermedica API, you gain the opportunity to improve your healthcare organization across the user journey—from patients to medical professionals.


shorter average visit time – 20 min reduced to 12.5 min


accuracy of possible conditions, confirmed by physicians

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