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Patient experience and clinician satisfaction in the digital age

Explore the topic of healthcare experience from the perspectives of both consumers and clinicians.

  • The link between patient and clinician experience explained
  • Identification of the challenges of bringing new solutions to healthcare
  • How technology can help telemedicine, healthcare providers, and payers
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Improving healthcare with symptom checkers

See how data collected and processed by symptom checkers can improve the work of physicians, marketers, and managers.

  • Over 2,000 respondents (US, UK, and Canada)
  • Analysis of user’s intentions and decisions
  • Influence of symptom checker on decisions
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What can we learn about people who use symptom checkers?

Explore insights based on over 1.8 million anonymous checkups from Symptomate.

  • Identification of top users’ groups
  • Readiness to speak honestly about risk factors
  • Lists of the most common conditions
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