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Grow your business with intelligent health solutions

Join our Partner Program to gain access to our exceptional healthcare platform and experts’ support. Build competitive advantage and increase your offer value with Infermedica.

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What do you get in the program?

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Advantageous access to AI-driven technologies

Create tailor-made solutions with Infermedica API, or use white-label healthcare products that can solve your customer's problems. Gain access to flexible tools and a variety of features within the Infermedica platform. Our tools have:

  • 10M+ performed health checkups

  • 93% engine accuracy

  • 20+ languages available

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Exceptional sales, marketing, and technical support

Develop your offer with the support of our sales, marketing, and technical teams. They will share their knowledge and experience in delivering high-tech solutions for successful healthcare projects, as proved by:

  • 82 NPS among clients

  • 30 countires

  • 90+ satisfied clients

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Acceleration of your business growth

While we focus on providing you with the best in class patient intake, symptom assessment, and triage tools, you will be able to:

  • Increase revenues

    Grow sales with technologies that support and optimize patient management in various organizations.

  • Boost your offer

    Complement your health systems with AI-driven solutions to provide accurate, data-driven, and patient-oriented health services.

  • Enter new markets

    Get into previously inaccessible sectors by offering your clients more comprehensive and advanced healthcare solutions.

  • Grow with the partner community

    Join our global ecosystem of like-minded disruptors in the healthcare industry and learn from their experience.

Who is this program for?

This program is made for B2B innovators reshaping the healthcare industry with the use of intelligent technologies for more efficient, safe, and accessible healthcare services for everyone. If you are one - this program is for you.

  1. Companies providing EHR systems and patient portals can use Infermedica’s platform to extend their systems with an AI-driven initial patient data collection, triage direction, and preliminary symptom analysis, that leads to:

    • engaging patients in a data collection process
    • supporting medical staff with up-to-date patient data
    • providing physicians with ready-to-use data for the consultation process
  2. Providers looking for a way to improve the flow of patients entering the virtual care systems with engaging, intuitive, and dynamic tools can use Infermedica technologies to:

    • provide better patient management
    • improve patient navigation to virtual care services
    • gather initial patient data prior e-visits
  3. Companies specialized in building complex end-to-end health platforms can use Infermedica's solutions and expertise to complement their systems with flexible and easy-to-implement AI modules for:

    • data collection
    • symptom analysis and triage
    • patient navigation
  4. Organizations intending to enhance any basic healthcare services with symptom analysis, triage suggestions, and specialist recommendation tools for patients and their families, can use Infermedica to:

    • implement new features in a short time
    • improve employee access to medical care
    • reduce the cost of care for employers
  5. Providers planning to develop chatbots and other conversational tools, dedicated to patient check-up and triage, can use Infermedica's tools to:

    • enhance their solutions with NLP capacities
    • provide trusted interview scenarios
    • create unique user experiences

How to get started?

We believe your first step is already behind you. Now, contact us to discuss your profile, needs, vision, and how we can effectively grow together.

  • Number one
    Initial assesment

    We will work together on the vision and goals of our partnership, and establish the steps and metrics to achieve them.

  • Number two
    Partnership formation

    We will work together on the vision and goals of our partnership, and establish the steps and metrics to achieve them.

  • Number three
    Partner onboarding

    Our team will walk you, and your team, through Infermedica's digital technologies and the ways to make the most of their use.

  • Number four
    Continuous development

    Our product team will keep you updated on all new features and changes to help you provide the latest health solutions.

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