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Our AI-driven solutions are helping patients every single day. Read the inspiring stories behind just a few of these real patient journeys.

Just stomach pain or peritonitis?

"I honestly don’t think I’d treat my condition seriously and go to the emergency department, if it wasn’t suggested to me. But I did, and I believe that it saved my life."

Hashimoto's disease discovery after a year

“After a series of tests in the laboratory, the diagnosis was precise: Hashimoto's disease. Symptomate was right.”

Left bony labyrinth not working

“If I had followed Symptomate, I could have received help sooner and not have had to use an ambulance.”

Grandfather’s swollen leg

“It’s scary to even think what might have happened if I hadn't had Symptomate that night.”

Note: Patient stories were collected from users of our B2C tool: Symptomate. They are legally protected and further redistribution without prior consent is prohibited. Images are for illustration purposes and do not depict real patients.

Clinically validated

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Infermedica’s AI-driven solutions undergo rigorous clinical testing and continuous maintenance to ensure the highest level of accuracy and foster trust among patients and providers.


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