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What drives us

Better health decisions in all people’s hands

We believe modern healthcare means patient-centric healthcare. Together with industry leaders we proudly develop a smart technology that makes it easier to guide patients to the right care.

Guide patients to the right care - visualisation.

Problems we aim to solve

There are too few doctors

By 2030, we will have a deficit of 14 million healthcare workers globally.¹

Access to healthcare is limited

50% of the global population lacks access to basic healthcare.²

Healthcare systems are unsustainable

$210 billion could be saved each year in US if patients received adequate care.³

Our solution

AI at the service of health

Infermedica adeptly interweaves medical and technical expertise. Our multi-disciplinary team creates AI-powered healthcare solutions that help doctors deliver efficient, safe, and reliable care to their patients.

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Symptom Checker → Call Center Triage → Infermedica API →

The healthcare industry has never been so advanced, and yet there are still so many patients who don't receive the right care at the right time. Infermedica thrives in the face of this global challenge by focusing on leading-edge technology to create patient-oriented solutions, including reliable pre-diagnosis, which significantly improves patient flow and enhances patient satisfaction.

Piotr Orzechowski

Infermedica CEO

Piotr Orzechowski photo

Piotr Orzechowski

Infermedica CEO

What we are proud of


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We are transforming healthcare

Over the years, we have worked to make primary care more accessible for patients and to provide AI-driven support for health professionals. Our human-centric health applications are appreciated by users worldwide for helping them to make informed health decisions.

We act for global public health

Alongside the development of dynamic commercial solutions, we use our technology to support patients all over the world making free-of-charge online health applications easily available.

Symptomate → COVID-19 Risk Assessment →

We’ve helped dozens of organizations and patients since 2012

Who makes it happen

Our leadership

We are supported by outstanding leaders - each a seasoned expert in their own field.

Piotr Orzechowski photo

Piotr Orzechowski

Chief Executive Officer

Irving Loh, MD photo

Irving Loh, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Roberto Sicconi, Ph.D. photo

Roberto Sicconi, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Paweł Iwaszko photo

Paweł Iwaszko

Chief Technology Officer

Tomasz Domino photo

Tomasz Domino

Chief Operating Officer

Maciej Ławrowski photo

Maciej Ławrowski

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Window photo

Amy Window

Head of Sales, USA

Maciej Malenda photo

Maciej Malenda

Head of Sales, EMEA

Our investors

Without our investors we would not be where we are. They believed in us, and we believe they will help us to carry out Infermedica’s mission to guide every patient to the right care.

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