At the beginning of March 2020, when the pandemic started to spread globally, we concentrated our know-how to respond to the threat of SARS-CoV-2.

The initial idea was to create a free, simple tool to ease patients’ uncertainty regarding coronavirus symptoms by giving them a reliable source of self-assessment and recommendation. We decided to design it as an easy-to-implement tool, available in different language versions, to ensure that the application could be quickly released by various healthcare organizations’ own online platforms.

We knew we were facing a challenge, as the project involved building and refining completely new functions. However, we were motivated by the urge to help others which also was our most pressing deadline.


Key challenges

Highest quality in a limited time

While the COVID-19 outbreak was rapidly spreading around the world, we had to act as quickly as possible while delivering the highest quality at the same time. The most important aspect of our project was to share trustworthy, authoritative, reliable knowledge with patients.

Scope and definition of product

It was a hard nut to crack to decide on the functionality of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool. We spent long hours working on user flow and app architecture. The aim was to keep the app simple to implement and use while delivering all the necessary information, including explanations, recommendations and local guidelines.

Synchronization during remote work

During a pandemic, we totally shifted our way of operating. All company personnel started working from home, and we needed to adjust all the processes to remote work. The challenge was to maintain a continuous flow of information and communication - on the progress of work, decisions and plans.


Infermedica team at work.


The Solution: COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool

After 3 weeks, COVID-19 Risk Assessment was born - a set of free solutions designed to help quickly differentiate novel coronavirus 2019 symptoms from other diseases and get reliable information regarding COVID-19 concerns.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool is for health organizations, clinics, NGOs, and other companies to help in the battle against this raging coronavirus pandemic. It’s available in two forms:

  • A complete tool, which can be easily embedded on any website
  • A set of API endpoints to help developers enable their apps and websites with a reliable COVID-19 patient screening protocol

We also extended the functionality of Symptomate, our symptom checking app, to assist patients and provide them with up-to-date information and recommendations.


Advantages of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

  • Based on global information provided by the WHO
  • Verified and regularly updated by Infermedica’s medical team
  • Available in 25 languages
  • Contains local guidelines and contact numbers
  • Easy-to-implement
  • Available as an embedding tool and as an API

Supporting patients in the battle against COVID-19

The main function of COVID-19 Risk Assessment is evaluation of infection risk through symptom checkup. The results of the interview base on a six-level triage meticulously formulated by our medical team.

Additionally, at the end of each interview, we provide phone numbers of local health authorities so patients have, on hand, information on who to contact in case of an emergency.

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Even before the WHO declared the coronavirus 2019 pandemic, Infermedica had already proactively started working on the COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool. Working under significant time constraints, due to the rapidly evolving face of the virus and its virulent global spread, Infermedica concentrated all of its expertise to delivery of this new product.

To date, recognized for its accuracy and reliability by national governments and numerous business partners, the COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool has been implemented on websites globally, serving over a half a million people in communities worldwide in the battle against this relentless novel virus. We decided to have a 9-month pilot first in order to see if the tool brings benefits to the call center in a way that we expected and assumed it should. We were happy both with the results of the pilot and with the quality of cooperation with Infermedica. After the pilot, we continued using the Call Center Triage solution and moreover - we launched Infermedica’s another product - the Symptom Checker - on our patient’s portal. Now it’s been almost 3 years since our companies work together.

Piotr Orzechowski

Infermedica CEO

Results of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Although it is yet too soon to measure concrete numerical results of this implementation, we can definitely say that the solution was warmly welcomed and continues to be actively engaged. Every day we receive positive feedback from our partners and words of gratitude from patients around the world.

Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool has been implemented by the Polish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as well as leading healthcare oriented companies: Global Excel, Dovera, Dr. Sintomas, Batist Medical, GdziePoLek, PZU Zdrowie, and the list is growing. To date, the tool has helped over 1,500,000 patients worldwide.



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interviews are done every day


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Teamwork to battle the COVID-19 pandemic!

The whole project wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners worldwide who willingly jumped on board and helped us with translation to local languages, backed the project with valuable insights and expertise from their fields and always offered us encouragement.


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