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Docyet creates tools that navigate patients through complex care settings in a simple and scalable manner. They’re available through Lotsen.
Chatbot and voicebot solutions for healthcare that use Infermedica’s triaging system.
A SaaS digital platform that integrates all of a healthcare organization’s services into a single end-user mobile application.
Using a low-code platform and years of AI experience, KODA maximizes patient chat and voicebot conversations.
Virtual assistant for medical call center automation, built upon Talkie's voice bot platform and enhanced with Infermedica's technology.
Omnichannel conversational AI for providers, payers, and patients, enhanced with Infermedica’s API.
Omnichannel conversational AI for providers, payers, and patients, enhanced with Infermedica’s API.
The Infermedica's Triage module is available in Epic's App Orchard. It enables to add the symptom checking features to the MyChart app.
Knok has decided to integrate Infermedica’s Triage module into its telemedicine platform, resulting in increased patient-doctor interactivity and more access to immediate, remote treatment for their patients.
DRUID AI provides AI-driven virtual assistants that, once enriched with Infermedica’s API, can assess a user’s symptoms, on top of a plethora of other functions, all through an easy-to-use, no-code platform.’s HealthAssist has merged with Infermedica’s API to deliver a human-like conversational experience like no other, via a rich variety of voice and text interactions.
Infermedica’s API is now a part of the Loyal platform, which provides health systems with a full suite of connected solutions for empowering patients through every step of their journey.
Vonage, helps businesses accelerate digital transformation offering Communications APIs and unified communications, conversational commerce and contact center applications.
Infermedica’s API is now a part of eVisit’s Virtual Care Platform, further boosting its ability to connect doctors with patients and treat them anytime, anywhere.
Healthcare organizations can now build a wide variety of personalized health agents and chatbots to suit their needs thanks to Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot Service, powered by Infermedica’s API.
HTI’s Patient-Doctor Management System (PDMS) now uses various Infermedica API modules throughout its platform to improve the management of all of its telemedicine-related processes.
Docline 360 is a comprehensive telemedicine platform for businesses, hospitals, and health professionals, augmented with Infermedica's technology to offer a top-class symptom checker as part of its platform.
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The expansion of digital tools across technology companies, health systems, and health insurers requires partners to come together to bring best-in-class integrations and outcomes for patients. Our Infermedica partner ecosystem allows healthcare organizations to integrate the Medical Guidance Platform into various areas of the patient experience and help gain patient loyalty.

Amanda Bury

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