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Talkie.ai and Infermedica

Infermedica partnered with Talkie.ai on a mission to support patient triage with voice AI. Through this partnership, it is now possible for voice AI to carry out health checks over the phone using Talkie’s intelligent voice bot platform supported by Infermedica’s API & NLP.

  • patient support available 24/7
  • human-like voice of the bot
  • ready to test: +1 (332) 203-0132 (USA)

About Talkie.ai

Talkie.ai provides AI-powered voice and chat assistant solutions for contact center automation in healthcare and other industries. Business-ready voice assistants are pre-trained for industry-specific automation tasks, allowing for fast deployment and accurate operational performance from day one.

  • over 30 international clients
  • 1 million inquiries every year
  • advanced speech recognition technology
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The AI-powered accuracy of both solutions allows healthcare providers to significantly increase the capacity of their contact centers to triage callers with automation, freeing up time for human agent specialists to focus on complex case resolutions. Using APIs, Talkie.ai’s powerful call automation platform connects voicebots to Infermedica’s platform as well as to patient health record systems or CRMs for a business, speeding up processing times with a high level of accuracy, with results instantly available to human specialists for further assessment or follow-up.

Wojciech Przechodzeń

CTO at Talkie.ai

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