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Hyro and Infermedica

Together, Infermedica and Hyro are supplying a digital workforce of AI assistants that are performing routine tasks, such as symptom triage and scheduling, in an effort to mitigate the effects of staffing shortages. Patients are navigated in a quick, intuitive way to the right physician and available appointments based on their conditions. This is possible thanks to the integration of Infermedica’s Medical Guidance Platform with its early symptom assessment technology and Hyro’s industry-leading natural language understanding (NLU) engine.

  • advanced AI health assistants available 24/7
  • simplified pre-visit digital communications and navigation across websites and mobile apps
  • award-winning NLU engine by Hyro

About Hyro

Hyro is the leading plug-and-play conversational AI platform for health systems, automating processes and messaging across their most valuable services and channels including call centers, chat solutions, SMS, and more. Hyro conserves vital resources while generating better conversations, more conversions, and revenue-driving insights.

  • quick to deploy, easy to maintain and simple-to-scale technology
  • 60x faster time-to-value ratio with plug-and-play conversational AI
  • 85% automation rate for routine tasks at health systems
  • Mercy Health, Baptist Health, Novant Health, and Weill Cornell Medicine among clients


Compliant with Systems and Organizations Controls

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Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

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Compliant with standards for patient data protection

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We are excited to partner with Infermedica in our mission to help health systems automate navigation and improve access to quality healthcare information, without the need for additional staff. As we continue to overhaul patient-provider communications in healthcare, we’re thrilled to be able to combine Infermedica’s clinically-backed medical knowledge base with our natural language capabilities so that patients can engage on their own terms and through their channels of choice.

Israel Krush

CEO & Co-founder of Hyro

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