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Loyal Health and Infermedica

Loyal Health integrated Infermedica API as part of their set of virtual triage tools, including chatbot and care search. Loyal’s symptom checker bot can be implemented into a wide variety of workflows to support current and future patients.

  • provider care search and recommendations
  • integrated scheduling
  • interview results shareable with the provider

About Loyal Health

Loyal’s consumer health platform provides a comprehensive suite of connected AI-powered solutions spanning the entirety of the patient journey - including data management, digital front door, CRM, support for access and referrals, and reputation management.


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Compliant with Systems and Organizations Controls

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Compliant with standards for patient data protection

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Working with Infermedica allows Loyal to deliver the health information and care recommendations that consumers are searching for, while satisfying the needs of our health system customers to ensure that it is clinically validated.

Brian Gresh

President of Loyal Health

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