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Albert Health and Infermedica

After arriving, the first step in a patient’s health management journey usually starts with checking their symptoms, which they can now do thanks to Albert Health’s collaboration with Infermedica. Once the patient understands the implications of their symptoms, they can then proceed to scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals and managing their chronic diseases by using Albert, which enables them to:

  • track medication and measurements
  • consult healthcare professionals online
  • access disease-specific informative content, and more!

About Albert Health

Albert Health aims to increase treatment adherence and patient quality of life by helping chronic patients change their lifestyle. With this in mind, Albert developed their evidence-based, multi-chronic disease management platform that leverages AI and Infermedica’s technology.

  • established in 2018
  • offers customized disease management programs for various chronic diseases, including diabetes, asthma, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and HIV
  • developed in collaboration with international pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and hospital groups
  • personalized treatment management, accessible to patients of all ages and socio-economic levels


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