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Infermedica is a leading digital health company, specializing in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage.


Infermedica's mission is to make healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone worldwide, by automating primary care from symptom to outcome.

The company develops a Medical Guidance Platform with a set of intelligent healthcare technologies that enables early symptoms assessment and digital triage, and supports communication between physicians and patients. At the core of Infermedica’s technologies are its Medical Knowledge Base, Inference Engine and API gateway.

Infermedica’s platform can be used by healthcare providers, insurers, and telemedicine companies to minimize inappropriate use of medical services, improve patient navigation, and user satisfaction.

Symptom checking features provided by Infermedica can be freely implemented on webpages, mobile apps, and patient portals. It is possible through flexible API, or our ready-to-use solutions: Triage and Intake.

Using Infermedica technologies can also help detecting emergencies and support healthcare professionals by giving them early access to health information and recommendations.

Patient safety is the main focus of physicians, engineers, and scientists working, side-by-side, at Infermedica. The algorithms use dynamic interview scenarios to predict the lists of the possible conditions. They analyze the common language and verify combinations of symptoms. Infermedica modules are certified Medical Devices in the EU and compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards.

Infermedica has been adeptly interweaving medical and technical expertise into their technologies since 2012, to support industry leaders such as Global Excel, Gothaer, Médis, Microsoft, and Sana Kliniken.

Infermedica is now being used in 32 countries, in 24 languages, and has completed more than 18 million successful health checks to date.

To learn more about the company and its products, visit

You can also check out Symptomate, our consumer-facing symptom checker. Available for free use on both mobile and web at

Quick facts

  • Founded in 2012
  • Medical Guidance Platform
  • 215 people
  • 94% engine accuracy
  • 24 languages supported
  • 18M health checkups

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