NEWS: Infermedica named to the 2022 CB Insights’ Digital Health 150 List
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Hospital navigating patients and new users

Ramsay Santé: A hospital offering patients a personalized connection to medical services

See how Ramsay Santé, Europe’s second-largest private healthcare provider, leverages symptom checkers for patient navigation and connection to services.

From digital symptom check to consultation

GoGetDoc: From digital symptom check to consultation

See how GoGetDoc used a simple symptom checker to build effective healthcare communication and engagement with patients.

Medical voicebot built with

Infermedica and medical interview with a voicebot

What happens when you combine a powerful voicebot with a inference engine? A tool that supports patients, call centers, and providers.

From symptom check to medical consultation with a single integration
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Infermedica and knok—a refreshing approach to health care accessibility via telemedicine

The integration between knok and Infermedica platforms allows for effective patient navigation and immediate remote treatment.

The IMC hospital's symptom checker

International Medical Center, a hospital's symptom checker as a gateway for new patients

Discover how IMC, a private healthcare provider from Saudi Arabia, leveraged a symptom checking tool to attract and coordinate patients.

Microsoft's bot to aid global healthcare
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Microsoft's bot to aid global healthcare

Microsoft has empowered multiple healthcare organizations with a fast and accurate pre-diagnosis tool. See how it uses Intermedia API.

Overview of the medical API used in Diagnostikare
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Diagnostikare, end-to-end digital health services for enterprises

See how Infermedica API is used in Diagnostikare, a Mexican digital platform offering health services for patients and enterprises.