Diagnostikare, end-to-end digital health services for enterprises

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October 28, 2020
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Diagnostikare provides complex health services through its state-of-the-art digital platform. Their digital patient journey starts with an initial symptom check-up, which is powered by Infermedica API.

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For the end-user who reaches Diagnostikare’s platform, it is just the beginning. The in-depth investigation of their health includes the assessment of all worrying symptoms and risk factors, resulting in a personalized initial diagnosis. Although this step sounds a bit monotonous, in reality, it takes rather a conversational form in which machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms seamlessly analyze the patient's natural language and connect it with medical terminology.

Following the results of a health check-up, Diagnostikare directs the patient to the right health services. Thanks to the built-in triage systems, it suggests the best level of care, from self-care to general practitioner (GP), and emergency (ER). Patients using this platform can access various physicians, psychologists, and nutritionists. Although the interaction happens online, more than 80% of the cases are solved by this means. For those where the patient requires a face-to-face consultation or reference to specialty care, the platform's health services ecosystem also allows the scheduling of these appointments through an integrated network of healthcare professionals. Furthermore, physicians working with Diagnostikare can prescribe medications digitally. Thanks to the partnership with selected pharmacies, these medications can be delivered directly to the patient.

Overview of the patient flow in the Diagnostikare intake form and app.

What’s important is that the healthcare services offered by Diagnostikare are available at any time, day or night. The platform is also accessible for members of the user’s family.

What is Diagnostikare?

Diagnostikare is a digital health platform operating on the Mexican market since mid-2018, with a team made up of healthcare professionals (doctors, nutritionists, and clinical psychologists), developers, and data scientists, among others. It offers services in a B2B/B2B2C environment. By incorporating the company’s services, organizations operating in various sectors and sizes across Mexico, enable innovative, safe, and quality digital healthcare services to their employees or customers.

The main goal of Diagnostikare is to create a patient-centric, multidisciplinary healthcare environment. They achieve that goal by combining health professionals and primary health services with the technologies of tomorrow.

In just a few months, it grew in popularity and today it is successfully helping over 15,000 patients every month, and growing. “We see the quality feedback and the responses from our end-users who are patients. That's the most satisfying thing of all”, says Rafael López, founder of Diagnostikare. “We have very good customer satisfaction rates. I think NPS might be around 96% at the moment. The doctor's qualification is around 4.8, up to five out of five”, he adds.

Triaging technologies used in the platform

Artificial Intelligence lies in the base of Diagnostikare’s development and success. From health check-up to services management, it helps to thoroughly understand patient needs, providing them with the best-suited care. What's more, it adds value to the actual health services offered in Diagnostikare by external providers (i.e. pharmacies, lab test).

After adding the initial symptoms by the patient, AI provided by Infermedica suggests the next questions that lead to a better understanding of the patient’s condition and suggestion of the most probable diagnoses.

Infermedica API is part of the Diagnostikare healthcare platform. Its advanced algorithms contribute significantly to the patient-intake process, as well as the correct routing of the patient in combination with their particular data, such as their demographic information or their previous interactions with the platform. This is possible thanks to the robust database of medical information, meticulously derived from evidence-based sources and verified by the Medical Content Team, as well as a powerful inference engine that uses probabilistic modeling to find the most probable diseases of the patient.

Most importantly, thanks to the capacities of machine learning, Infermedica API constantly analyzes input data and learns over time, in order to make Diagnostikare healthcare services even better.

Diagnostikare is one of the first healthcare platforms of its kind in Mexico and Latin America. It significantly contributes to the better understanding and popularization of digital healthcare in this region.

Learn more about Diagnostikare and Infermedica API.

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