Ramsay Santé: A hospital offering patients a personalized connection to medical services

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March 15, 2022
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Ramsay Santé, the second-largest private healthcare provider in Europe, implemented a symptom checker as part of their Patient Portal in France - Ramsay Services. The new tool’s role is twofold: to support existing patients and reach out to new members.

As more and more patients are interested in digital services, Ramsay Santé is expanding the offers available within their Patient Portal. In the first phase, the symptom checker has been released for the French members of the leaders’ network. Using it, the French provider reaches patients of their specialist clinics and primary care units across 140 locations in France.

At a glance:


Ramsay Santé leverages symptom checkers for patient navigation and connection to services. Illustration by Aga Więckowska.

An innovative tool for patient navigation

The symptom checker implemented by Ramsay Santé will be used as an innovative tool to redirect patients to the right medical care by recommending specialists and suggesting the best form of consultations. Their new tool uses Symptom Checker 3, delivered by Infermedica. The core functionality of the tool is used to achieve two important business objectives.

The first, supporting existing patients and enriching their experience, is achieved by enabling users already using Ramsay Santé’s Patient Portal. After logging in, they can use a symptom checker to evaluate their symptoms, see the possible causes, and learn which physicians to see to support their health. By allowing patients to do a self checkup, Ramsay Santé minimizes the number of unnecessary visits, and optimizes access to medical services.


The symptom checker interview is the same for logged and unlogged users. Image by Aga Więckowska.

Acquisition tool for health services

The second goal, inviting new members to the network to drive user acquisition, employs the same functionalities of the symptom checker but highlights a different user journey. In this case, visitors of www.ramsayservices.fr can use the symptom checker for free to evaluate their symptoms. At the end of the symptom analysis, users will see their triage level as well as an invitation to join the Ramsay Santé network.


The symptom checker is communicated to users in various ways across Ramsay Santé’s main page: www.ramsayservices.fr. Image by Aga Więckowska.

Innovation well communicated

Modern technological solutions that reshape user behaviors require clear messaging about their roles and benefits. Ramsay Santé understands this. The new-to-users symptom checker is a key solution that impacts patient navigation and is presented in numerous locations across user touchpoints on Ramsay Santé’s website.

Users visiting the providers’ page can find Ramsay Santé's symptom checker from the top to the bottom of the page. From there, they are transferred to a dedicated subpage inviting them to begin the interview, which also gives them a clear explanation of what the symptom checker is, how it works, and what its benefits are.


An element of the symptom checker page that clearly explains the new tool. Image by Aga Więckowska.

Users who find symptom checkers useful are invited to create a stronger bond with Ramsay Santé by entering a dedicated mobile application with access to the Patient Portal.


Services available within Ramsay Santé's medical application. Image by Aga Więckowska.

Learn more about Ramsay Santé, and see their symptom checker in action.

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