Revolutionizing Healthcare Engagement: Infermedica and Talkdesk Announce Partnership

Marta Jurgielewicz
May 14, 2024
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In an era where technology and healthcare converge to offer more personalized, efficient, and accessible care, Infermedica and Talkdesk are excited to announce a partnership that’s set to impact patient experience across the healthcare ecosystem.

Illustration by Ola Kwiecień and Magdalena Kościańska.

Elevating patient care through seamless integration

This collaboration marks a milestone in healthcare communication, integrating Infermedica's clinically validated care navigation into Talkdesk Autopilot for Healthcare. This partnership empowers healthcare providers to navigate patients to the most suitable care, enhancing automation, patient decision-making, and ease of access.

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Healthcare organizations have traditionally viewed their contact centers as cost centers, but that mindset is changing. Leading providers and payers are looking for ways to become more personalized, proactive, and ultimately drive growth, consumer loyalty, and better care outcomes through the conversations they’re having every day with the people they care for. We are excited to deliver the trusted and intelligent care navigation interactions that Infermedica powers to healthcare consumers and empower contact centers to support even more steps of the patient and member journey.

Patty Hayward

General Manager of Healthcare Management, Talkdesk

A shared vision for the future

Both Infermedica and Talkdesk share a commitment to leveraging trusted and responsible AI. This partnership demonstrates a shared vision of providing autonomous, intelligent solutions that manage appointments, offer clinical guidance, and ensure patients receive the right care at the right time.

Illustration by Ola Kwiecień.

Ethical AI at the core

Infermedica and Talkdesk prioritize responsible AI—focusing on transparency, bias mitigation, data security, and truthful output in their healthcare solutions. Both companies ensure the accuracy of AI-generated information, reinforcing the reliability of the healthcare guidance provided. This dedication to ethical AI underscores the partnership's commitment to a trustworthy healthcare experience, enhancing patient confidence in the digital healthcare landscape.

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Infermedica is proud to partner with Talkdesk, uniting our strengths to enhance patient care and support healthcare organizations in their mission to deliver exceptional service. Together, we're setting new standards in healthcare engagement, making every interaction count towards better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Amanda L. Bury MS

Chief Commercial Officer, Infermedica

Charting the course to better healthcare outcomes

This strategic partnership between Infermedica and Talkdesk is more than an integration of technologies—it's a step towards a future where healthcare is more connected, intelligent, and patient-centered. By combining Talkdesk's innovative contact center solutions with Infermedica's AI-powered engagement and navigation tools, the partnership is set to enhance the landscape of healthcare communication, contributing to better patient outcomes for healthcare organizations globally.