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TK presents their new symptom checker

Techniker Krankenkasse launches Infermedica’s symptom checker

A German health insurer expands its offer with a symptom checker, a new tool based on Infermedica Triage, to empower its members.

The patient intake module: From research to launch

The Intake module: From research to launch

Interview with Natalia Deryło and Tom Fernandes, product managers who led the development of Infermedica’s latest module.

Challenges physicians face when working with patients

Challenges faced by physicians when working with patients

Over 42% of physicians experienced burnout in 2021. That’s why the Infermedica team ran Individual In-depth Interviews to understand physicians’ perspectives and needs.

Improving patients’ experiences in the consultation room

Improving patients’ experiences in the consultation room

Over 80% of healthcare users find their experience with health services unsatisfactory. We asked them why.

Hospital navigating patients and new users

Ramsay Santé: A hospital offering patients a personalized connection to medical services

See how Ramsay Santé, Europe’s second-largest private healthcare provider, leverages symptom checkers for patient navigation and connection to services.

From digital symptom check to consultation

GoGetDoc: From digital symptom check to consultation

See how GoGetDoc used a simple symptom checker to build effective healthcare communication and engagement with patients.

Medical voicebot built with

Infermedica and medical interview with a voicebot

What happens when you combine a powerful voicebot with a inference engine? A tool that supports patients, contact centers, and providers.

Can e-triage tools drive telemedicine use?

Symptom checkers’ impact on telemedicine adoption

People like tools for initial health self-assessment. See how these tools can connect patients to digital health services.