Gothaer and Infermedica expand Gesundheitsapp with symptom checker

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November 25, 2021
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Gothaer Gesundheitsapp, providing patients with access to health services in addition to insurance management, has expanded with a symptom checking tool. Its implementation was supported by Infermedica’s technologies and team.

At a glance:

Gothaer expands its health mobile app with Infermedica's Symptom Checker. Illustration by Magda Kościańska.

Gothaer is one of the largest private insurers in Germany. The Gothaer Group serves over 4 million members. One part is Gothaer health insurance. Throughout its 200-year long history, the company has always sought innovative solutions. Today, when the world is moving online, Gothaer is expanding the availability and scope of its digital health services.

Gesundheitsapp is the main digital touchpoint between Gothaer health insurance and its members. So far, this application could easily be used to find physicians, schedule appointments, submit invoices, and much more. With new innovations in technologies, Gothaer wanted to extend its features. The newly added symptom checker enabled them to improve user experience, simplify access to services, and shape new pathways for their users.

“At Gothaer, we want to support our customers in dealing with their own health”, comments Natascha Jahn from Gothaer. “The flood of information available to our users on the Internet can be overwhelming. With the symptom checker, we are able to provide guidance for the patients, whilst also providing them with information about which diseases their symptoms are usually connected to,” she adds.

Cigna Europe and Infermedica extend their alliance on Symptom Checker pilot program

Infermedica’s Symptom Checker was integrated into the application developed by Cigna Europe to communicate and coordinate health services.

Implementation with Infermedica

The German insurer decided to use Infermedica solutions due to its medical and scientific background, as well as its attractive design and high usability for the users. Proven approach to the protection of user’s data was also one of the deciding reasons.

As a base for this implementation, Symptom Checker (version 3.x) was used. This was customized to fit into Gothaer’s branding, as well as their business needs.

Dark mode

All Symptom Checker screens were restyled with darker colors that fit Gothaer’s branding. They also gained new illustrations.

Exemplary screens of Gothaer’s symptom checker dark mode.

Additional screens

Symptom Checker was expanded with additional user-facing screens. The new screens help to build a seamless experience between symptom checker and the Gothaer Gesundheitsapp.

Exemplary result’s screens of Gothaer’s symptom checker.

Linking to medical services

Last, but not least, the symptom checker’s results screen has been enhanced with interactive links leading to available options inside the Gesundheitsapp: doctors finder, and telemedicine.

Further development of Gesundheitsapp

Symptom-checking features within the Gesundheitsapp are available to use, for all users, from November 2021.

Gothaer intends to run continuous data observation in order to provide maximum value to their patients. They will be able to do this thanks to analytical tools within Infermedica's Symptom Checker, that allow them to observe aggregate data of anonymized users on the population-level.

The whole implementation process took approximately two months.

“This project was very intensive. It required detailed preparatory work, in addition to the actual implementation”, comments Natascha Jahn. “We were always able to rely on a flexible and cooperative way of working with Infermedica”.

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