Infermedica 2022: Year in Review

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December 21, 2022
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It seems like this year has passed in the blink of an eye, yet already it’s time to reflect on all the milestones, projects and accomplishments of 2022. When I started gathering materials for this article back in late November I couldn’t believe how many amazing things happened at Infermedica this year! And I’m proud to share them with you in this year’s edition of Year in Review.

At a glance:

Infermedica 2022: Year in Review. Illustration by Aga Więckowska.

Medical Guidance Platform development

2022 has been a huge milestone for product development at Infermedica, extending our capabilities beyond symptom checking with the launch of our Medical Guidance Platform. We conducted an extensive release campaign in July to spread the word about our solutions, which aim to support the entire patient care journey and the needs of physicians, nurses, technicians, medical assistants, and other frontline health workers. Here’s an update on our platform straight from our Chief Product Officer, Tim Price:

  • We've enhanced our Triage module to include Patient Education, which helps to improve users' understanding of their conditions and how they can take care of themselves.

  • We're putting the finishing touches to our Intake module, which will shortly be available as both a UI and API product to help patients and clinicians prepare effectively for a visit.

  • We've had great feedback from our customers, users, and partners on our Follow-up module, which we’ll be piloting in early 2023.

  • We reached a milestone of conducting more than 12 million successful health checks for patients around the world to support better triage.

  • All of this is underpinned by the work of the 50+ doctors who have been extending and optimizing our Medical Knowledge Base, as well as maintaining it in 20 languages.

“Looking forward to 2023, we're investing heavily in validation by building the biggest data set of its kind in order to push the accuracy of our AI engine to the next level. We'll also be integrating more tightly with the ecosystem of technology that already underpins our customers' services to make a seamless experience for patients and clinicians using our products. Finally, I am probably most excited about the potential applications of our Follow-up module which will enable us to support patients in a more incremental and continuous way.”

Tim Price / Chief Product Officer, Infermedica

Celebrating 10-year anniversary

This year was particularly special as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Infermedica! Last summer, 200 team members gathered in the beautiful Wojanów Palace, to dance, laugh, and spend time together to honor this fantastic achievement.

"I'm most proud of what we've accomplished through these 10 years and all the amazing people who build Infermedica every day."

Piotr Orzechowski / CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica

Piotr giving a speech during the 10 year anniversary party.

Series B - we raised $30M

Our company’s mission is to ease the strain on global healthcare systems and make healthcare accessible, convenient, and affordable by automating primary care. We aim to achieve this vision by supporting and streamlining the healthcare decision-making process, from symptom to outcome, thanks to $30 million in Series B Funding led by One Peak. This investment brings our total funding to $45 million to date.

Here are some important numbers from 2022 at Infermedica. Illustration by Antanina Anisovich.

B2B healthcare partnerships

As we’ve evolved throughout the year, we’ve expanded B2B partnerships globally to improve patient triage and enable healthcare organizations to better support patients at the digital front door, with further plans to announce new partnerships in early 2023.

“I’m excited about the amazing partnerships that we’re working on that we plan to announce soon. My hope is that by working closely with the leading healthcare organizations we can set the bar for the impact & evidence demonstration of digital health tools in our space.”

Piotr Orzechowski / CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica

Discover our partnerships and their solutions connected with Infermedica's platform! You can now browse through all solutions to find a match that will help you expand your digital healthcare.

Awards & recognition

To round out what has been a breakthrough year for our company, Infermedica was named to CB Insights’ fourth-annual Digital Health 150 — a list of the 150 most promising private digital health companies of 2022. We were selected from a pool of over 13,000 private companies based on criteria such as market potential, team strength, and tech novelty. Infermedica was recognized for the successful launch of our Medical Guidance Platform in the category of Screening, Monitoring, & Diagnostics.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we have accomplished over the past year, and the Digital Health 150 recognition was the cherry on top – it’s a true honor that exemplifies our unwavering commitment to help millions of people worldwide access primary care. “

Piotr Orzechowski / CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica

In addition to this great achievement, we were recognized with a MedTech Breakthrough Award for the Best Healthcare Information Destination. We also won first prize in the Mother and Child Startup Challenge, being recognized for creating the first triage app dedicated to pediatric patients worldwide. What’s more, by winning this prize, we'll be able to implement our solution in 5 Polish hospitals!


We sent our representatives to 27 healthcare events, spanning 3 continents. Some of the conferences we attended were: HLTH, HIMSS, and Arab Health. These events saw organizations, providers, payers, employers, and digital health companies from across the world come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing patients, caregivers, clinicians, and health systems.

Infermedica’s Brandon Farrell, Amanda Bury, Amy Window, Jenn Hand, Alex Long and Marcus Gordon were present at HLTH 2022.

“2022 has brought a year of growth and renewal at Infermedica. Our Commercial organization experienced adding new team members around the globe and the renewal of onsite conferences. Our teams were able to travel to meet our partners, customers and friends at various events such as; ViVE in Miami, HLTH in Las Vegas and HIMSS Europe in Helsinki. Our teams are back on the road evangelizing the Infermedica mission and vision!”

Amanda L. Bury / Chief Commercial Officer, Infermedica

In addition, we ended the third quarter with a webinar on improving patient & clinician satisfaction & experience with advanced digital health technologies, hosted by DHIT. During this webinar, experts from UNC-CH, Hyro, and Infermedica discussed how digital solutions can improve patient outcomes, reduce clinician burnout, and drive value for organizations. This webinar was a complement to the Patient experience and clinician satisfaction in the digital age report we released in the second half of this year.


We couldn’t forget a little roundup about the people who make this company better every day. Here are the main highlights provided by Piotr Lorenz, VP of People and Culture:

  • We continued substantial growth. In 2022, we hired 88 new people! And we are now 240 people strong.

  • We’re becoming a truly global company having on board people from 6 countries (Poland, US, UK, Germany, Spain, and Portugal).

  • Made key leadership hires, including a new Chief Commercial Officer, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Vice President of People and Culture, and Vice President of Engineering.

  • Our key metrics are very healthy and look great in comparison to market standards! Our employee NPS was steady throughout the year with an excellent average score of 60.

“From the People & Culture perspective, we will keep focusing on: hiring the right talents, prioritizing employees' wellbeing, mental and physical health, diversity and inclusion, leader’s and manager’s effectiveness, and overall employee experience.”

Piotr Lorenz / VP of People and Culture, Infermedica

We’re not done growing! We’re on the search for passionate and qualified individuals to join us on our mission. You can see our open positions.

Infermedica celebrates 10-year anniversary

Learn about Infermedica’s past, present, and visions for the future as we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

What’s next for Infermedica in 2023?

“The past few years have been quite unpredictable in the healthcare world, and we’ve all had to adapt to meet the changing needs of clinicians, patients, and support staff. We can expect the same for the year ahead. We’ll continue to listen to clinicians and adapt our product to meet a higher standard of patient care, and expand that care beyond a hospital’s four walls.”

Tim Price / Chief Product Officer, Infermedica

Another year (10th!) behind us. We wouldn’t have been able to grow so much and overcome challenges without #inferpeople, our customers, partners and investors. Thank you all for helping Infermedica accomplish its mission!

“We are looking forward to a year of opportunity and growth in our platform and people. Thank you to all our customers and partners who help support our mission every day, your partnership is much appreciated.”

Amanda L. Bury / Chief Commercial Officer, Infermedica

"In healthcare there is always going to be a lot of work ahead of us, but I know the Medical Guidance Platform will make healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient for patients around the world."

Piotr Orzechowski / CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica

We’re looking forward to 2023! Stay healthy!

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