Infermedica partners with conversational AI company Hyro to support patient triage

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August 31, 2022
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We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Hyro, a leader in plug-and-play conversational AI. The partnership will enable healthcare organizations to support patients at the digital front door and to better provide for their patients while overcoming staffing shortages. This is possible thanks to the integration of our Medical Guidance Platform with its early symptom assessment technology and Hyro’s industry-leading natural language understanding (NLU) engine.

Infermedica partners with conversational AI company Hyro to support patient triage. Illustration by Magda Kościańska.

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer to use digital channels to communicate with their healthcare provider, and 39% want personalization in digital communications with their provider. Hyro’s advanced AI assistants, powered by Infermedica’s physician-led database of medical concepts, provide healthcare organizations with the opportunity to enhance patient experience by improving pre-visit digital communications and navigation. Newfound patient demand for digital excellence, combined with record-breaking staffing shortages, emphasizes the importance of Hyro’s 85% automation rate for routine tasks at health systems like Novant Health, Baptist Health and Mercy Health.

At Infermedica, we know that patients are increasingly expecting more from their virtual interactions with healthcare providers,” says Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of Infermedica. “We also know that partnering with other health technology leaders will be key to optimizing digital patient-provider communication. We are excited to be working with Hyro, a company that is revolutionizing the way patients engage with digital health services, to ensure healthcare is more accessible to everyone, and look forward to combining our individual expertises to achieve this goal.”

Built upon data from 10,000,000+ health checkups and 60,000+ hours of physician review, our Medical Knowledge Base is a clinically validated source of information that supports accurate symptom assessment and triage. The database is consistently updated by doctors and healthcare professionals using the latest research and data to ensure accuracy. When patients input their symptoms, our Inference Engine uses the information in the database to direct them to the most appropriate form of care—whether it is a telehealth appointment, a visit to a primary care or specialty physician, or no appointment at all—helping patients navigate complicated healthcare systems.

Hyro’s Adaptive Communications Platform supports automated bi-directional conversations, across call centers, websites, mobile apps and SMS, between its clients and their end-users. Hyro’s plug-and-play platform is both linguistics- and knowledge-based, meaning that their conversational AI learns human language first and then continuously layers use cases, such as physician searches, FAQs and scheduling, on top of that understanding engine, ensuring the fastest time-to-value and future scalability. Additionally, Hyro’s analytics suite, called Conversational Intelligence, helps health systems to unlock critical patient-journey insights, empowering them to discover consumer trends and top keywords, and to solve operational pain-points in real-time.

“We are excited to partner with Infermedica in our mission to help health systems automate navigation and improve access to quality healthcare information, without the need for additional staff,” says Israel Krush, CEO & Co-founder of Hyro. “As we continue to overhaul patient-provider communications in healthcare, we’re thrilled to be able to combine Infermedica’s clinically-backed medical knowledge base with our natural language capabilities so that patients can engage on their own terms and through their channels of choice.”

On the heels of a $30M Series B funding round, this partnership marks another important step in Infermedica’s continued growth. This year, our company reached its 10th anniversary and grew to over 200 team members. Earlier this summer, we launched our Medical Guidance Platform, which connects patients along their entire care journey through three models—including its proprietary AI-powered triage technology and new patient Intake solution capabilities.

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