COVID-19 and Infermedica

Photo of Piotr OrzechowskiPiotr Orzechowski
March 10, 2020
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COVID-19 is more than just a hot topic today. It is a global emergency requiring the entire world community’s focus and commitment to contain and eventually lessen its impact on public health and economies. Closer to home, the virus may have already had an impact on you or your environment, your family, your workplace.

Infermedica, as a company operating in a digital health space, is fully committed to working towards this common societal goal of containing the virus. As such, all of our resources have been mobilized to respond to this novel virus and its impact in every country we serve.

How do we plan to help?

Helping patients to quickly assess their risk of coronavirus and providing recommendations on the next steps is how we can help. Medical personnel are rapidly being overburdened. Doctors are already busy taking care of sick people and are at high risk of becoming infected themselves. The demand for health services is escalating and patient triage is, more than ever, an important tool in guiding patients on what to do when they’re feeling unwell.

All our teams have now begun working on COVID-19 triage-oriented screening protocol and we are including it in all our platforms. The basis for the protocol will be the official guidelines established by WHO, CDC and other key sources.

The COVID-19 screening protocol will be first deployed to Symptomate, then to the other platforms including Call Center Triage and Infermedica API. We’re also considering a standalone HTML widget that can easily be embedded into existing websites or apps.

These products are, of course, offered free of charge to our existing clients and to the general public.

We’ll keep you updated

We’ll be sharing updates on our work through our social media channels. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We are here and working tirelessly to contribute our expertise in the fight against this disease. We are dedicated to supporting the frontline, those outstanding, devoted health care providers.

Stay well,