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Early symptom assessment and triage

Infermedica Triage helps you serve patients before their visit: analyze their symptoms, understand their needs, and connect them with the appropriate medical services.


Provide health guidance as needed

We all know that patients google symptoms and the lack of reliable guidance can lead to inappropriate healthcare use. By giving your patients and doctors our Triage module, you equip them with a powerful tool for symptom analysis, digital triage, and effective care navigation.

Intelligent survey

This dynamic interview analyzes initial symptoms, revealing more about the patient’s state. It compares symptoms with hundreds of diseases collected in our extensive Medical Knowledge Base.

  • Demographic data
  • Risk factors
  • Initial symptoms
  • AI-generated interviews
  • Basic self-examination

Reliable results

Using Inference Engine's probabilistic modeling, the Triage module presents a series of recommendations appropriate to the individual needs of the patient:

  • Interview summary
  • List of possible conditions
  • Triage level recommendation
  • Specialist recommendation
  • Link to your services

Patient education

Patients can access evidence-based articles created and reviewed by medical doctors. These articles have been carefully selected to give patients information on their most probable conditions and symptom causes.

  • Condition definition
  • Common care methods
  • When to see a physician

Mental health

Support broad assessment of patients’ symptoms. Our solution evaluates patients' mental and physical signs to ensure they get the right care at the right time.

  • Coverage of 60 conditions, including 12 disorder types
  • Safety check to assess the risk of suicide
  • Specific interview flow to focus on symptoms of mental health


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As many as 75% of patients are unsure about what level of care they need. Infermedica Triage, a tool based on the combined knowledge of doctors and AI, helps patients find the most appropriate care for their situation. Infermedica Triage is trusted by over 100 companies worldwide who use it to power efficient digital health experiences, thus reducing the cost and burden of care delivery.

James French

Senior Product Manager, Infermedica


Better results every step of the healthcare journey

By engaging with users early on, you gain an important competitive advantage: you learn their needs before they enter your care. Adapt your services to patient needs, improve user journeys, and optimize the use of in-network care options with insights from the Triage module.


of patients unsure of the level of care they should receive, decided to schedule a visit after using Triage.


of users who approach medical services don’t know what sort of health support they need.

Step 1

Provide early support for patients

Illustration of a health way indicators

Improve user experience

Far too often, patients don’t know what medical care they need. Infermedica Triage analyzes their symptoms, provides precise navigation, and improves the overall user experience.

Reduce wait times

Infermedica triages patients before they stand in a consultation queue. Some patients find the appropriate help the first time; others decide on self-care, making more room for those in need.

Telemedicine option

In many cases, patients can get appropriate medical help with telemedicine. Using the Triage module engages them digitally and connects them with remote clinical care.

Step 2

Empowering physicians and businesses

Lower staff burnout

Better patient flow, fewer unnecessary ED visits, and timely patient data are just some of the ways Infermedica Triage supports physician workloads and reduces their administrative burden.

Centralized data

By gathering and analyzing patient data sooner, we’re opening the gateway to a more personalized, patient-centered approach and better value-based care.

Reduced costs

In many cases, patients can receive more cost-effective care. Using the Triage module helps eliminate unnecessary visits, guides patients to the right level of care, and promotes telemedicine utilization.

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Human, credible, flexible

We realize our vision, mission, and values by focusing on quality and developing features that elevate our technology to the highest level of inclusivity.


  • Multilingual

    Simplified medical language, available in 24 languages.

  • 24/7

    Here for patients at a convenient time and place.

  • Patient-centered

    Informs patients with simple language and explanations.

  • Adults & pediatrics

    Supports everyone from children to adolescents to adults.

  • Third-person

    A simplified way to interview relatives and patients.


  • Secure

    Compliant with the highest standards of data protection.

  • Proven

    Developed and maintained with an evidence-based approach.

  • White-labeled

    Lead with your brand and create a seamless experience.

  • Configurable

    Several levels of configuration; use your UI and business logic.

Complies with the highest standards of quality and data security

Module marked as a Class I Medical Device

Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

Compliant with standards for patient data protection

Quality Management System certified with PN-EN ISO 13485:2016

Dekra Certified ISO/IEC 27001 logo

Processes and Development Procedures certified with ISO 27001:2017

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