Understanding digital patients with symptom checkers

Explore insights based on over 1.8 million anonymous checkups from Symptomate. We proudly present essential data derived from a symptom checker that helps healthcare professionals understand patients better.

What can we learn about people using symptom checkers. Cover of the report.


Insights on digital patients

Symptomate enables us to take a deep look at the sets of anonymized data and study the population using it. We collect our observations and learnings in five areas. They will tell you more about:

  • active age groups, changing from young adults towards the middle-agers
  • users' genders, with visible differences of engagement between women and men
  • the most common symptoms and the ways users describe them
  • risk factors contributing to our health and our readiness to reveal them
  • medical conditions with the highest occurrence among the users
What can we learn about people using symptom checkers. Exemplary report’s pages.

Meet our experts

Portrait of Wiktor Sobolak

Wiktor Sobolak

Symptomate Leader and Data Analyst

Portrait of Aleksandra Kwiecień

Aleksandra Kwiecień

Writer and Communication Manager

Portrait of Piotr Kurkiewicz

Piotr Kurkiewicz

Leader of the Business Intelligence Team

key takeways

Inspiration for better healthcare

The collected data presents an interesting look at the symptoms and diseases affecting people. It also lead us to important conclusions. Similar sets of information, narrowed to a specific population or region, can significantly impact the accuracy of offered health services by:

  • getting a better understanding of patients’ behavior and their needs to better adjust health services
  • providing patients and physicians with summarized data before the medical consultation
  • incorporating a medical evidence summary in the patient's digital medical records
  • gaining a general overview of patients’ symptoms and conditions
What can we learn about people using symptom checkers. Cover of the report.

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