We’ve moved Symptomate to the next level

Photo of Piotr OrzechowskiPiotr Orzechowski
August 30, 2018
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Sharing the results of our team’s excellent work is my most rewarding task as the CEO of Infermedica. What’s new in Symptomate?

At a glance:

In 2012 we launched Symptomate – an app that can check your symptoms and find out what might be causing them. We don’t pretend to be doctors, but we understand your symptoms far better than any search engine. We believe Symptomate can help people make better decisions when they’re feeling unwell.


Today, Symptomate is not only a web app – it is a suite of web, mobile and chatbot products that has been used by 3 million people from 140 countries. We continue to improve, and now Symptomate received its biggest update to date.

Mobile apps update and new languages

Some time ago we refreshed the look and feel of our website. Now you can enjoy an enhanced and colorful Symptomate on iOS and Android, too. We have completely redesigned the user interface, tweaked the animations, and made sure everything looks great on every device.


Since our users come from all over the world, Symptomate now supports 10 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Slovak. More languages to come soon!

CE Marking

At Infermedica, we take safety, privacy and compliance with regulatory frameworks very seriously. I’m proud to say that Symptomate is now certified as a Class I Medical Device, as required by the European Union’s 93/68/EEC directive. This means that our software is developed according to EU guidelines and legal requirements.

As part of this effort, having partnered with some of the leading healthcare organizations in Europe (such as Allianz Partners, Dovera, Medicover or PZU Zdrowie), we’ve performed extensive clinical validation of Symptomate to ensure its quality. Since we treat transparency as one of our core values, we intend to publish detailed information on the clinical testing, in addition to what we’ve already shared publicly.

Latest and most advanced AI

Symptomate’s “brain” is a sophisticated AI algorithm that controls the sequencing of questions and computes final recommendations. It learns from respected medical literature and datasets collected with our business partners. The whole process is carefully curated by a 15-person medical team. The refreshed app brings the latest advancements in our AI technology, and Symptomate can now easily differentiate between 600 conditions and 1,500 symptoms.

Voice assistants

In the few last years, we’ve actively invested in developing Natural Language Processing technologies so that we can communicate with our users better and in a more natural way. I’m delighted to say that Symptomate is the first symptom checker in history available on all major voice assistant platforms, i.e. Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant.

What’s next?

Every day our team is working with a passion to make our products smarter and easier to use. Below is a list of updates we’ve been working on:

  • Arabic and Portuguese language versions
  • Pediatric content - to help parents assess their kids’ symptoms
  • “Rationale” feature - the ability to explain to the user why a particular question was asked
  • Integration with a telemedicine service - so you can call a doctor right after using Symptomate
  • More NLP - we’re working on expanding our Natural Language Processing to German and Spanish.

Of course, we’ve spent most of our time working on the underlying medical AI. We continually refine the reasoning algorithms and enrich the medical knowledge base with new data. Some of the most important changes to the medical content can be followed in our API changelog.

We ❤️ Feedback

User feedback has been invaluable in creating the roadmap for further development of our tools. If you’d like to participate, or have any suggestions or comments, please rate Symptomate in the App Store or Google Play or get in touch with us directly.