Microsoft partners up with Infermedica

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May 14, 2020
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Infermedica will provide its technology to the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service, empowering healthcare organizations to build and deploy AI-powered virtual healthcare assistants at scale.

Thanks to the partnership, the system can improve efficiency of inference engine, deliver more meaningful data while simultaneously introducing significant cost-saving measures. The partnership trailblazes the path forward in defeating COVID-19 which forced healthcare providers to streamline medical triage.

Microsoft partners up with Infermedica with the aim of digitizing early symptom assessment and triage.

Microsoft Healthcare Bot is used by leading health organizations, including Aurora Health Care, Premera Blue Cross and Quest Diagnostics. By conducting automated triage powered by Infermedica’s technology, the tool helps to reduce the stress in both public and private health systems, currently overloaded by COVID-19 cases.

“Infermedica is revolutionizing the triage space, with a solution that breaks the mold. We were impressed with the sophisticated probabilistic modeling used to achieve a level of accuracy that isn’t possible with the simplistic decision tree models that we saw in the rest of the market. We chose to work with Infermedica because they bring a truly intelligent layer of clinically validated health technology to the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service, empowering our customers to build smarter virtual assistants that drive better outcomes for patients”, says Adam Walker, Program Manager at Microsoft Healthcare.

Microsoft's bot to aid global healthcare

Microsoft has empowered multiple healthcare organizations with a fast and accurate pre-diagnosis tool. See how it uses Intermedia API.

Our AI-driven toolkit has helped healthcare providers to reduce emergency room visits by half and increased teleconsultations fivefold. Over 30,000 hours were spent by physicians verifying the content and building a database of over a million patient cases.

“We’re delighted to partner with Microsoft on its Microsoft Healthcare Service Bot. We both share a commitment to build more accessible healthcare for everyone, and deliver benefits of digitization to health systems and healthcare providers globally,” says Piotr Orzechowski, CEO and Founder at Infermedica.

Microsoft is a member of Infermedica's Partner Program. The program is open for any company that wishes to cooperate with Infermedica. Check out the details and application process at Infermedica’s Partner Program webpage.

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Improving healthcare with symptom checkers