Joining our #InferTeam: Onboarding experience with guidelines

Karolina Gałecka
June 27, 2024
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Even though processes might not be everyone’s favorite, the onboarding process and the pre-onboarding steps mark the start of an incredible journey at Infermedica. Curious to see what it looks like and how your first day at Infermedica will impact your future career path? Let’s dive in!

Getting started with Infermedica. Illustration by Aneta Wojtunik.

At a glance:

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I was greeted warmly by everyone I met, instantly feeling like a valued member of the team. The structured organization at Infermedica ensured a seamless transition into the new company. From day one, comprehensive resources were readily available, laying a solid foundation for onboarding. Beyond robust documentation, the team's eagerness to assist made a lasting impression

Rick Rues

VP of Global Marketing

Pre-onboarding: Setting the stage for success!

Before your first day, there are some standard steps to get you off to a smooth start.

Getting prepared

Yes, paperwork is a significant part of being well-prepared. We believe that every new employee wants to feel welcomed and experience minimal stress. The People Team at Infermedica puts a lot of effort into making this process smooth and manageable!

We start by sending you a link to our onboarding survey. Here, you can fill in all the crucial information needed to prepare that all-important document that will kick off our collaboration — your contract. This might be a B2B contract, an employment contract, or any other type of document necessary to formalize our working relationship.

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When hiring an employee under an employment contract or cooperating with a contractor under a B2B agreement, Infermedica must comply with both labor law and the civil code. To prepare a contract, Infermedica needs to obtain all the required information. Therefore, providing all the necessary details not only ensures compliance with laws but also allows for a smooth and effective onboarding experience.

Ewa Proc

Senior People Operations Specialist

Access to important documents and policies

To make you feel aware and well-informed about the environment you are joining, we will give you all the important information and documentation that will support you in the process.

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Understanding all important documents and principles during the onboarding process is really like having a map for navigating office protocols. Each serves a specific purpose—whether it's ensuring a safe working environment, establishing fair play rules, or making sure everyone is on the same page. It's similar to skipping the tutorial in a new video game—sure, you can do it, but eventually, you'll have to go back to it because otherwise, you'll likely miss out on crucial skills and strategies. Similarly here, familiarizing yourself with these principles allows you to focus on what truly matters from day one—making amazing things happen!

Zuzanna Łętkowska

Senior People Analytics and Innovation Specialist

Pre-onboarding checklist

Setting up your work equipment, accessing company systems, and reviewing any initial training materials will help you feel more confident and comfortable in your daily tasks. You will have the opportunity to choose your equipment (we offer top-notch MacBook hardware) and start familiarizing yourself with security principles. As a newcomer to the company, and possibly the healthcare tech industry, it is essential to understand that data security will be a key aspect of every task you manage. You will also be asked to complete your first training regarding data security.

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Healthcare data protection problems can have several significant consequences. Unauthorized access to patient information can result in distress for individuals or, in worse cases, the misuse of healthcare data could lead to patients being denied necessary care. Conversely, accurate collection and safe storage of healthcare data can assist patients in receiving the appropriate treatment at the right time.

Marcin Ciesielski

Senior Security Manager

Receiving your welcome box

#Infergoodies straight to your door! This part is incredibly exciting! You'll receive a beautifully packaged box with branded gifts designed to bring a smile to your face.

You'll receive your very own welcome box.

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We send a welcome pack to all our new employees. We aim for them to feel the Infermedica spirit and sense of belonging even before their first day at work. By doing this, we build positive relationships from the very beginning and show that at Infermedica, we care about each employee from the start of their career with us.

Marika Ciesielska

Office Coordinator

Onboarding: Your first steps at Infermedica!

So now you are ready to go! What you can expect from us during your first weeks at Infermedica?

Day one: orientation

On your first day, you’ll participate in an orientation session where you’ll learn about our company’s mission, values, and goals. During the onboarding presentation with a member of our People Team, you will receive all the information needed for your first day and have the opportunity to ask any questions. So, what will happen next?

IT and workspace setup

Our IT Team will meet with you (in person or virtually) and share all the necessary information regarding your workspace environment and data security. You will learn how the IT Team can support you on a daily basis and understand their main areas of responsibility. Importantly, you will learn exactly where to find help.

Training programs

This is the part where we can say, "It depends!" You will participate in a series of training sessions related to your role and contributions at Infermedica. Depending on which team and department you are joining, the training program will vary slightly, but you will be kept informed about everything along the way!

Meet your buddy

A buddy is a person who serves as a reliable, motivating, and continuous point of contact for a new employee, offering guidance on work processes and various aspects of working at Infermedica. The buddy provides insights into the company’s daily activities and helps the new joiner integrate more quickly. Your buddy will be your first point of contact for any requests you might have.


During your first 3 months, you’ll have regular check-ins with your manager to discuss your progress, address any concerns, and ensure you’re getting the support you need. 

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InferOn played a critical role in my successful onboarding at Infermedica. As many new hires experience, navigating the initial complexities of a new company can be challenging. InferOn provided a well-structured program that effectively addressed these challenges. The program offered a comprehensive overview of Infermedica's policies, expectations, and essential tools. This clear framework significantly reduced the initial learning curve and fostered a sense of understanding and preparedness within my role.

Tomasz Wesołowski

Senior Technical Manager

Feedback-driven success

After three months, every team member can fill out a survey to let us know what we're doing well and where we can make things better. Our goal is to make starting work here as smooth as possible. We're striving to find the right balance between providing ample information about our products, processes, and policies, and avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed. Feedback is crucial in helping us achieve this balance.

What's really important is that the data we collect from our newcomers shows that our process is a great start to the Infermedica journey! Nearly 70% of people said our organizational culture was a key factor in accepting our offer, and over 80% felt they received all the information they needed about their first day. Remarkably, 100% expressed satisfaction with their new workplace! Over 80% of those surveyed appreciate our onboarding process.

While our process may not be perfect, we're dedicated to continuous improvement. Thanks to the efforts and engagement of our team, we're able to make a positive impact!

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