Pioneers and inventors

At Infermedica we believe in people. Every team member brings unique skills, talent and knowledge. Together we solve the most complex healthcare problems.

Irving Loh photo

Irv Loh, MD


Irv leads the medical teams and brings his impressive 30+ years of ​clinical​ experience.

Roberto Sicconi photo

Roberto Sicconi, Ph.D.


Roberto is an ex-IBM Watson Research Leader and essential advisor.

Marcin Zawadzki photo

Marcin Zawadzki, MD, Ph.D.

Medical Content Director

Marcin ensures the medical content meets rigorous quality standards.

Dorota Frydecka photo

Dorota Frydecka, MD, Ph.D.

Clinical Consultant

Dorota insures all medical knowledge is implemented implicitly.

Katarzyna Trybucka photo

Katarzyna Trybucka, MD

Senior Consultant

Katarzyna supports medical content editors providing guidance and advice.

Adam Radziszewski photo

Adam Radziszewski, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Adam deals with machine learning, data analysis and natural language processing (NLP).

Piotr Orzechowski photo

Piotr Orzechowski


Piotr founded Infermedica and shows the clear direction in which the company is meant to go.

Paweł Iwaszko photo

Paweł Iwaszko


Pawel looks after Infermedica's code base and orchestrates the development teams.

Maciej Kasiński photo

Maciej Kasiński

Data Scientist

Maciej works on complex machine learning issues using his ultra-math skills.

Łukasz Przywarty photo

Łukasz Przywarty

Design Engineer

Łukasz takes care of all designs and content created by Infermedica.

Olga Loska photo

Olga Loska

Lead Medical Content Editor

Olga is a lab diagnostician who creates new medical records and reviews others input.

Arkadiusz Szydełko photo

Arkadiusz Szydełko

Full Stack Developer

Arkadiusz leads development on all fronts including back end, front end and delivery.

Eugieniy Gonchar photo

Eugieniy Gonchar, MD

Medical Content Editor

Eugieniy is responsible for the smooth delivery of medical content.

Yuriy Inanitsky photo

Yuriy Ivanitsky, MD

Medical Content Editor

Yuriy curates medical content with a sharp eye and attention to details.

Vahe Sukiasian photo

Vahe Sukiasian, MD

Medical Content Editor

Vage carries out insightful and systematic analyses of medical content.

Yurii Makhomet photo

Yurii Makhomet, MD

Medical Content Editor

Yurii enters new medical content and estimates diagnostic probabilities.

Natalia Królikowska photo

Natalia Królikowska, MD

Medical Content Editor

Natalia complements the medical ​knowledge base​ and shares her clinical experience.

Piotr Dałek photo

Piotr Dałek

Medical Content Editor

Piotr shares his medical knowledge and updates the existing medical content.

Robot photo

Jakub Jaszczak

Medical Content Editor

Jakub constantly creates, removes, edits and verifies medical records.

Miłosz Wiciński photo

Miłosz Wiciński

Business Development Manager

Miłosz creates new partnerships and celebrates customer successes.

Tomasz Gabrysiak photo

Tomasz Gabrysiak

Full Stack Developer

Tomasz uses his wide skills to maintain and develop all Infermedica products.

Izabela Sady photo

Izabela Sady

Junior Developer

Izabela is a talented developer who adds new features and improves existing ones.

Stefan Buttigieg photo

Stefan Buttigieg, MD

Marketing and Social Media

Stefan uses his enthusiasm and creativity to present Infermedica to the world.

Tomasz Smolarczyk photo

Tomasz Smolarczyk

Data Scientist

Tomasz researches complex statistical problems using his academic experience.

Małgorzata Świątkowska photo

Małgorzata Świątkowska

Data Scientist

Małgorzata is a skilled mathematician who digs deep into data with a smile along.

Tomasz Tuz photo

Tomasz Tuz

UI Designer

Tomasz draws beautiful illustrations and designs usable and delightful interfaces.

Michał Kurtys photo

Michał Kurtys, MD

Data Scientist

Michał uses his clinical experience to improve and validate our medical content.


We are always open for discussion and external feedback. We are supported and inspired by top scientists and advisors.

Maciej Jarzębowski photo

Maciej Jarzębowski

Maciej shares his knowledge on how to build a startup as a global business.

Piotr Kulesza photo

Piotr Kulesza

Piotr invests in Infermedica and makes sure it continues the right path.

Stanisław Rogoziński photo

Stanisław Rogoziński, Ph.D.

Stanisław gives deep and valuable insights into the future of our business.

Ben Rosner photo

Ben Rosner, MD, Ph.D.

Ben advises Infermedica from a medical and business perspective.

Piotr Wilam photo

Piotr Wilam

Piotr supports Infermedica and develops business strategy from the very beginning.



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