Our teams and technology

What makes Infermedica?

We’re made up of passionate people who support and strengthen each other to produce the best possible outcomes in our daily work. We promote a value-based work culture and we aren’t afraid to speak up about the things that matter.

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Values that make us

We thrive to create and preserve a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. Support, transparency & honesty, and quality — those values guide us every day.

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Our key value. You’re not alone, and if you need help, you can count on Infermedica. We're committed to building an open and supportive environment that enables you to do your best work and fosters personal growth.


A core part of our corporate culture DNA. We strive to build a transparent and socially responsible culture. We also know that culture doesn’t happen by chance — we work on it every day, gathering feedback and taking full responsibility for the results.


We take ownership of our work in everything we do and consistently look for ways to improve. We believe that everyone contributes to the world-changing success of Infermedica and its products.


Teams making Infermedica

Organizationally speaking, we function as 26 teams. To simplify this, we have grouped them in the following six categories. Read on to learn more about how each team contributes to the company's success and decide which one seems like your cup of tea.


The experts who work hard to gather medical content, verify it, and organize it to make our medical knowledge base work seamlessly. They often combine work in hospitals and medical centers while guiding our customers through clinical evaluation and ensuring our content's adherent to the latest guidelines and recommendations. Translations and localization of our medical content are supported by over 20 talented medical translators worldwide.

  • Clinical Validation
  • Medical Content (Adults & Pediatrics)
  • Medical Success
  • Translations

Artificial Intelligence

Creating the most advanced reasoning technology for preliminary medical assessment and triage is the mission of our AI Team. While owning the AI solutions end to end from inception to production, they develop advanced probabilistic models, recommender systems, and conversational interfaces to serve our patients’ needs.

  • AI Foundation
  • Accuracy
  • Validation

Software development

The entire software development lifecycle of Infermedica's core applications is in the hands of our cross-functional teams while utilizing modern and widely recognized software development tools, techniques, and architectures. Our teams are usually composed of product managers, software developers, QA engineers, and UX/UI designers supported by infrastructure and BI teams. We aim for our teams to be as independent as possible — owning their individual products from beginning to end.

  • Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence


Our commercial teams build growing demand for our products, generate a growing stream of revenue, set up the delivery cycle, manage end-to-end implementations, and ensure our customers achieve their desired outcomes. Our talented marketing, sales, partner program, customer success, and implementation teams, test new techniques and strategies, measure and optimize results, and help us to become truly customer-centric in practice.

  • Sales
  • Partner Program
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success & Implementation


The talent acquisition and people & culture teams ensure that the right people are doing the right things at the right time and in the right place. They combine recruitment, administration, employee relations, employer branding, and people skills to hire the best possible teammates, prepare a smooth onboarding process and to foster talent and growth within Infermedica.

  • People & Culture
  • Talent Acquisition


Creativity masters who translate our mission into an actionable product strategy and ensure our design and communications are consistent and aligned with the brand. Our design team owns the entire design process, from discovery through prototyping, interaction design, and visual design to evaluating new solutions. When discovering the unmet needs of customers and users, our product guardians stick to three principles: customer centricity, outcome focus, and rapid iteration.

  • Product Development
  • Design

Accounting, Law and Finance

Gatekeepers of our legal security, compliance, fundraising, investor relations, payroll, financial planning, analysis, and strategic guidance. Our Legal team ensures the highest possible quality of our commercial, corporate and internal affairs. They ensure that all medical device regulations are met, and secure sensitive and personal data. Our finance team supports the organization from basic bookkeeping to crafting strategies that drive the company's growth.

  • Legal
  • Finance


Voices of Infermedica

Sometimes, we like to stand in front of the camera - check out what we have to say about the company, teams, and work culture.

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Do we offer remote work?

Python in AI/NLP

Python in MGP


People making Infermedica

We strongly believe that people are one of the major factors of company success. This is what our #inferpeople tells about #infer.

See more at our Hello Book

The people behind Infermedica, the teams, our workplace, and much more. Everything you need to know before joining Infermedica is nicely gathered in our Hello Book.

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I feel excited and proud to be part of a magnificent team creating products which will soon be part of daily life. As a physician, I find Infermedica's ideas incredibly inspiring - what I like most about working here is interacting with wonderful dedicated people.

Katarzyna Trybucka

Medical Success

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The supportive team and relaxed atmosphere is what I value the most at Infermedica. Also, the company has an important mission which I believe in and that makes being here even better.

Aleksandra Kabat-Karabon

Business Intelligence

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What I adore working here is the Infermedica Team! Great professionals in their fields, and at the same time relaxed people, which gives a very nice mix.

Maciej Ławrowski


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At Infermedica, I love that feeling of shaping a fragment of reality – creating unusual systems from a concept on a piece of paper to implementations in production.

Adam Radziszewski

Artificial Intelligence

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At Infermedica great leaders inspire everyone to take action. And all together, we work on our mission to make the world a better place. For me being part of Infermedica is not a job, it has become a true passion.

Viktoriya Havrylyuk

Customer Success & Implementation

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What I like about Infermedica is the opportunity to develop products with very talented people, and have a real impact on the technological aspects of our projects, from design to finished solution.

Mateusz Markiewicz