Make patient-physician communication more meaningful

Be one of the first to try out Intake Form, our intelligent medical data collection & consultation support tool. Streamline data flow from patient to doctor, and automate visit notes. Join our Pilot Program.

AI-support for your primary care

Primary care centers are filled with stressed patients, overburdened physicians, and an ever-increasing sense of pressure.

Intake Form solves this from the very first step by streamlining patient intake data collection. Equipped with intelligent algorithms, it empowers patients ahead of the visit, provides general practitioners with essential patient data, and improves efficiency across healthcare.

Patient’s survey

An intelligent tool that gives patients additional time and space to prepare for their visit, and helps minimize stress and waiting times. Through the dynamic interview, it collects essential information on patient’s:

  • Demographic data
  • Current symptoms
  • Risk factors and chronic diseases
  • Medications
  • Specialists
  • Hospitalizations and operations
  • Allergies

Doctor’s panel

An interface built around efficiency that allows physicians to avoid asking repetitive questions, minimizes admin tasks during the visit, and frees up more time to spend with patients. It supports doctors by providing them:

  • Present and absent symptoms
  • Structurized medical history
  • Automated notes
  • List of the most probable conditions
  • Medical consultation support
  • Simple data transfer to EHRs

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Achieve improved efficiency and quality across healthcare

Better communication between patients and doctors starts a chain of positive reactions. Adoption of Intake Form leads to various benefits that start with the patient accessing their healthcare service, and resonate across the healthcare organization.

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    Medical consultation support

    Intake Form runs a preliminary assessment of the patients' health and shares a list of possible conditions with physicians, supporting them in decision-making.

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    Continuous learning

    Intake Form is part of our Feedback Loop - a continuous flow of information that allows us to learn from your physicians and provide you better tools over time.

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    Lower physician burnout

    By reducing the administrative workload, doctors experience less stress, have access to streamlined documentation, and can spend more time for diagnosis and treatment.

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    Centralized data

    By gathering and analyzing patient data sooner, Intake Form opens the gateway to a more patient-oriented approach and strengthens existing Value Based programs.

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    Higher user satisfaction

    Patients come prepared for their visit, physicians have initial patient information. The general level of stress drops, and both sides can focus on the patient’s needs.

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    Reduced costs

    Faster access to patient data and more accurate diagnosis means avoidance of unnecessary visits, tests, or treatments, better decision making, and patient outcomes.

Influence the Intake Form

Intake Form was created in cooperation with physicians and patients struggling with a lack of mutual understanding, stress, and flaws in the healthcare systems. Ahead of the official launch, we are opening it up for a limited number of select partners and early adopters.

Benefits of participation:

  • Free access to intelligent health technologies
  • Early access to the premiere version of the Intake Form
  • Engaging your physicians through the Program and incorporating their needs
  • Opening cooperation with patients and engaging them in improvements
  • Influence on the final shape of the Intake Form and tailoring it to your organization's needs
  • Access to product adoption support


Frequently asked questions

  1. The program is open for any healthcare organization providing Primary Care services for patients. We work with public health systems, hospitals, private clinics, health insurers. Please contact us to see how your company can benefit from Intake Form.

  2. In the initial scope of the Pilot Program, we encourage partners to provide engagement of min. 5 general practitioners (or equivalent), securing time for physician's onboarding, feedback and discussions. Willingness to implement the Pilot Program within the next 3-4 months is a must, as well as building appropriate onboarding and communication with patients within this time.

  3. Access to the Intake Form is free of charge during the Pilot Program. Additional costs related to the necessary integrations will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Program participants who want to use Intake Form after the end of this program will receive preferential terms of settlement and implementation.

  4. As a part of this program, you will receive free access to the Intake Form, implementation support, training for participating teams, full documentation and onboarding materials, access to the feedback tools, support in building communication with patients.

  5. The length of the program depends on the partner capacities and use case. The terms will be determined on a case by case basis and laid out in a final agreement. Average recommended length is 3-6 months.

  6. Intake Form can be integrated in two ways- as an embedded solution or as a stand-alone tool. In both cases, Infermedica provides detailed instructions and technical support.

Apply to the pilot program

Don’t miss out. Save your spot for the Intake Form Pilot Program. Applications are open until 31 December 2021. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss the details.

The content of the form is used by Infermedica only to contact and provide information about the Pilot Program or in the case of additional consent - which you can withdraw at any time - to send occasional emails with commercial information. You can find more information about the use of your data and your rights in the Privacy Policy .