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Engage patients with pre-visit surveys and improve operational efficiency

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AI assistance for data intake and visit processes in your healthcare organization

Patient Survey

  • Collect demographic data
  • Sync on chronic diseases of your patients
  • Learn patients' chief complaints before the visit
  • Learn what specialists your patient visits
  • Gain full image of population needs
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Doctor’s Panel

  • Provide doctors with summary of patient's state
  • Let doctors access structured medical history
  • Obtain pre-populated notes
  • Receive list of the most probable conditions
  • Simplified data transfer to EHRs

Step 1

Pre-visit intake

After booking a visit, patients get personalized access to the Patient’s Survey.

Step 2

Efficient preparation

Patients provide information on their visit goals, current symptoms, and medical history.

Step 3

Seamless data transfer

Medical information is attached to the visit and transferred to the physician.

Step 4

Optimizing visit flow

Physicians get a summary of the patient's current state and access to detailed medical records.

Step 5

Consultation support

The Intake module supports physicians by providing them with a list of possible conditions.

Step 6

Patient documentation

Physicians can easily transfer diagnoses and post-visit notes to the EHR system.

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Infermedica Intake is the answer to multiple healthcare challenges. It simplifies patient intake and streamlines data directly to the doctor. The module was built in collaboration with physicians and leverages the proven capabilities of Infermedica’s platform.

Tom Fernandes

Product Manager, Infermedica Intake


Shorter average visit time–20 min reduced to 12.5 min.

This result is based on Diagnostikare Case Study →


Increase operational efficiency of the healthcare services

This result is based on Diagnostikare Case Study →


Improved efficiency and quality across healthcare

Better communication between patients and physicians starts a positive chain reaction. Adopting Infermedica Intake leads to various benefits that begin in the doctor’s office and resonate across your healthcare organization.

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  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce consultation time
  • Decrease physician burnout
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  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Save development time
  • Keep your EHR updated

Complies with the highest standards of quality and data security

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Module marked as a Class I Medical Device

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Quality Management System certified with PN-EN ISO 13485:2016

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Compliant with standards for patient data protection

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Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

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Processes and Development Procedures certified with ISO 27001:2017


Human, credible, flexible

We realize our vision, mission, and values by focusing on quality and developing features that elevate our technology to the highest level of inclusivity.


Available in 3 languages, more coming soon.


Here for patients at a convenient time and place.


Informs patients with simple language and explanations.

Made for doctors

Summarizes patient data to simplify doctors’ work.


Compliant with the highest standards of data protection.


Evidence-based development and maintenance.

Structured data

All conditions are organized and marked with ICD-10 codes.


Many levels of configuration; API enabling custom solutions.

Inspiring implementations

Our clients share their experience of Infermedica implementation.

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The medical and scientific background of Infermedica was crucial for us when choosing the right solution. Despite the advanced structures and algorithms behind the tool, their symptom checker is very user-friendly.

Michael Rosenstock

Head of Sana Digital, Sana Kliniken AG

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The whole diagnosis and treatment process at Diagnostikare starts with patient intake, using Infermedica API. Today, Diagnostikare provides an end-to-end health service to enterprise companies in Mexico, helping out over 20,000 end-users who are the patients we care about most.

Rafael López

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Diagnostikare

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