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Monika Myśliwiec
Monika Myśliwiec
Customer Success Manager
Curious expert who enjoys solving clients' cases. She loves the fact that every case is different, and that her role sometimes brings unpredictable challenges.
All about body maps in symptom checkers
Photo of Aleksandra KwiecienPhoto of Kuba MarekMonika Myśliwiec
Multiple authors

The role of body avatars in symptom checkers and how to work with them

Learn more about the role of body maps in symptom checking tools and best practices of building them.

Initial symptoms in AI-diagnostics
Photo of Alicja HeydukPhoto of Aleksandra KwiecienMonika Myśliwiec
Multiple authors

The role of 'initial symptoms' in the quality of symptom checking tools

See how to improve the quality of pre-medical interviews in symptom checkers with 'initial symptoms'.