Infermedica expands company’s API capabilities to include AI-driven patient intake workflows

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March 27, 2023
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At Infermedica, we believe accessible, affordable and convenient healthcare should be available for everyone in the world. That’s why it makes us proud to introduce our new API for Intake, which improves patient care, reduces clinician burnout, and delivers intake data prior to care. This solution enhances efficiency of care while expanding the company's API capabilities to include AI-driven patient intake workflows, providing hassle-free data transfer.

We are happy to introduce our new API for Intake that improves patient care, reduces clinician burnout, and delivers intake data prior to care. Illustration by Zuzanna Szostak.

Last year, we launched the global AI-powered Medical Guidance Platform, which consists of industry-leading solutions for symptom analysis, patient triage, and intake. Today, we announce an expansion of our API to Intake functionalities. The new capabilities of Intake are an evolution of our digital health platform, building on its widely acclaimed clinically validated Triage tool. The new API capabilities improve clinician efficiency and personalize the patient experience. 

We know the relationship between patient and doctor is crucial for successful diagnosis and treatment. And the experience of both parties is extremely important to us. 

That’s why we’ve created Infermedica’s Intake solution to strengthen the patient-doctor connection and reduce costs. This is possible by offering faster access to patient data, and therefore increasing clinician time spent with the patient. In addition to the pressure on personnel, according to an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, burnout costs the U.S. healthcare industry $2.6 to 6.3 billion each year. We want to help mitigate this financial issue by decreasing administrative burdens and increasing treatment time to help relieve clinician burnout. 

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By initiating medical data collection with Intake prior to medical consultations, we enable better visit preparation and improve appointment quality, and more effective treatment. Adding Intake API capabilities to the platform marks a major milestone in Infermedica’s growth and momentum in achieving its vision of making healthcare more efficient, affordable and accessible for people across the globe.

Piotr Orzechowski

CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica

The Intake tool builds on our company’s highly configurable, API-first capabilities and simplifies integration into existing technologies. It also streamlines data transfers to medical personnel into established workflows and improves patient-physician communication, therefore, increasing physician support and patient satisfaction. 

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Infermedica focuses on building AI-powered tools with clinically reliable data in a highly configurable API. The launch of our Medical Guidance Platform showcased our flexibility in integrating into existing provider workflows. We’re leveraging that flexibility with the Intake process to solve pressing, global healthcare challenges.

Tim Price

Chief Product Officer, Infermedica

The Intake module: From research to launch

Interview with Natalia Deryło and Tom Fernandes, product managers who led the development of Infermedica’s latest module.

Intake API is now commercially available for health plans, insurers, employers and telemedicine providers, and it is a trusted solution among providers, patients and national health systems. To ensure top notch quality and safety, we have invested more than 77,000 physician hours into building one of the world's most advanced medical knowledge bases of diseases, symptoms and risk factors. Our platform has an industry-leading 95% engine-accuracy rate and is now being used in more than 35 countries, in 21 languages and has completed more than 13 million successful health checks to date. 

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