Clinically-verified AI in the payer ecosystem: an ideal member journey

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January 23, 2024
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To engage members in the modern healthcare space, payers need to up their game. They need to listen to what their members want—and react. With increasing competition, compounded by the emergence of new technologies, payers must stay ahead of the pack to increase member engagement and retention, and ensure members find the most appropriate and cost-effective care.

To achieve this, payers need to implement new technologies. They must meet members where they are and deliver on-demand access—or else risk being left behind. Implementing accurate, clinically-verified, AI-driven technology can ensure payers are offering the very best to their members, while simultaneously optimizing their services and lowering costs.

Check out this video to see the ideal member journey with AI-driven healthcare solutions. Plus, keep reading to learn about creating on-demand access for large member populations and meeting them where they are.

Animation by Magdalena Kościańska.

Payers benefit from AI

Can you see how AI-driven digital healthcare solutions offer clear advantages to patients, healthcare professionals, and organizations? Let's break it down.

Great end-user experience: AI-driven healthcare solutions bring healthcare advice directly into members' hands. No matter the time of day, members have access to clinically-verified medical knowledge via a series of easy-to-understand questions. The dynamic form of the interview responds to members' answers and tailors the next question based on symptoms, medical history, demographics, and risk factors. Improving the member experience can lead to higher member retention.

Improved member engagement and use of in-network services: By being digital-first and easy-to-use, payers offer their members a seamless way to engage with their services. Once on the payer’s platform, members are more likely to engage with other services, such as booking in-network services, searching related content, or signing up for prevention programs.

Optimal care at minimal prices: Using AI-driven triage, payers can send members to the right care at the right time. This reduces overspending on expensive services such as unnecessary emergency department visits and optimizes services for telemedicine and in-person visits. It can also encourage self-care for minor complaints, freeing up availability for higher acuity cases.

Be digital-first with affordable, easy-to-use solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

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