Revolutionizing results: The power of member engagement in reducing costly healthcare claims

This session was released on April 22, 2024

Engaged members take control of their health, make informed decisions, and actively participate in their healthcare journey resulting in improved efficiency for all stakeholders. For payers, this saves costs, drives better health outcomes, and helps build a more resilient healthcare ecosystem. How can AI-powered technology empower your members?

What you'll take away

  • How AI and tech can increase engagement (with 3 real-world examples)
  • The top trends that experts see as most pressing in improving health outcomes
  • Must dos for companies wanting to leverage technology to streamline claims, improve care access, enhance provider communication, and guide patient decision-making
  • The 3 obstacles hindering engagement efforts, and how health insurers can overcome them
  • How the shift to Value-Based Care models affects member engagement strategies


With a staggering 74% of members overutilizing care, adding an estimated $32 billion to healthcare costs annually, learning ways to engage members in their healthcare journey to be more efficient and optimize care services is crucial. Join our webinar to explore the impact of digital tools, technological advancement, and Value-Based Care models on member engagement to improve healthcare quality and drive financial success.

In this webinar, Dr. Robert Wieland, CEO and CMO of Allina Health Aetna; Marc Baer, founder of Destinatum Consulting and former VP at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota; Tim Price, Chief Product Officer at Infermedica; and host Dr. Matt Mesnik, weigh in on member engagement to enhance health outcomes, drive cost savings, and strengthen the healthcare ecosystem.

Meet our experts

Dr. Robert Wieland

CEO and CMO at Allina Health | Aetna

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Dr. Wieland joined the provider-payer partnership in 2018 as Chief Medical Officer and was promoted to CEO four years later, retaining the CMO title. He was an integral part of launching the organization, with leadership experience in both health system operations and patient-care issues. The joint venture is owned by Allina Health—which operates 12 hospitals, 65 clinics and more than 100 specialty care sites—and Aetna, part of CVS Health. Wieland is responsible for directing the health plan’s Medicare and commercial segments, as well as the company’s growth and innovation strategies. He was previously Allina Health’s Chief Strategy Officer, leading business development, marketing, and technology integration at the health system.

Marc Baer

Founder and Owner at Destinatum Consulting

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Marc, with over 23 years in healthcare, is the founder of Destinatum Consulting and former VP at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. He has led various health-related initiatives and previously held leadership roles at Target Corporation and UnitedHealth Group. Marc began his career as an attorney in Minnesota. Actively involved in community service and education, he currently serves on the boards of the Congressional Award Foundation and the Angel Foundation. Marc holds a law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School and a bachelor's from St. Olaf College.

Tim Price

Chief Product Officer, Infermedica

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Tim Price brings 12 years of experience in healthcare and tech as Infermedica's Chief Product Officer since 2021, leading its Medical Guidance Platform to serve 100+ customers in 30+ countries. He significantly expanded Babylon Health's clinical platform as Product Director, contributing to 85% of ARR, and managed surgery at St George's NHS Trust in London, overseeing 2 million annual patient encounters. Tim is known for his impactful leadership in healthcare innovation.

Dr. Matt Mesnik

Medical Advisor

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Matt Mesnik, MD, is an accomplished physician and healthcare executive with over 35 years of healthcare experience. He is an emergency physician and former emergency department and urgent care medical director and was the chief medical officer of CVS/MinuteClinic. He is also the former CMO of an EHR company and has a reputation for bringing innovative solutions to market, leveraging technology, developing strategic partnerships, practice management, and leadership. He currently serves as a medical advisor to Infermedica, an AI-powered care navigation tool for payers and providers.

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