Artificial intelligence in healthcare

This session was held on September 22, 2021

See how industry leaders and participants of the 2021 Blue Cross Blue Shield Tech Summit use AI to provide better health services.

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AI-supported digital health services are fundamental to healthcare transformation. In recent years, when many were stuck at home due to the pandemic, we observed a massive adoption of digital health services. The rise and prevalence of digital tools minimize the need for in-person visits and allow for widespread care. Patient-facing tools that evaluate symptoms and triage cases help alleviate the burden on front-line health workers. Remote patient monitoring systems enable more robust disease prediction and prevention systems. All of this is underpinned and driven by the collection and processing of large data sets to power advanced analytics and AI.

In this panel, our guests discuss their experiences and perspectives on working with intelligent healthcare solutions, problem-solving, and developing AI in healthcare.

What you will learn

  • How intelligent technologies for healthcare have matured in recent years
  • Key challenges in implementing AI-driven solutions
  • The role of education and building trust among healthcare workers
  • How to use AI in patient-centered care and continuous monitoring

Meet our experts

Michael Levy

CEO of the Digital Health Institute for Transformation

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Michael leads the Digital Health Institute for Transformation (DHIT), which supports communities through the process of digital transformation. He is an experienced healthcare-executive-turned entrepreneur, with a purpose-driven mindset. In the past he held leadership roles at the University of Miami Health System, UNC Health Care, and UCLA Health.

Dr. Sheila Stallings

Medical Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield NC

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Sheila is a Medical Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield NC and currently serves as the Chair of the CarePath Medical Council (CMC). Their mission is to provide clinical guidance and input for CarePath predictive models prior to their use in real-world healthcare operations. She has over 15 years of experience in providing primary care services.

Mitch Quinn

AI Applied Research Scientist at Blue Cross Blue Shield NC

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Mitch is the AI Applied Research Scientist at Blue Cross Blue Shield NC, where he has created the CarePath framework. This is a deep learning model factory, which learns and then detects patterns in members’ claims that lead to future health events. Over his 25-year career, he has focused on developing and applying leading-edge research to high-value problems.

Dr. Mert Aral

Executive Clinical Lead and Head of R&D at Huma

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Mert is a clinician with a passion for cardiology, research, and health tech. He currently works as Huma's Executive Clinical Lead and Head of R&D in predictive analytics and digital medicine solutions. As part of the leadership team, he drives company growth in several industry verticals including healthcare, life sciences, and population health initiatives.

Dr. Eng. Roberto Sicconi

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder at Infermedica

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Roberto serves as Infermedica’s Chief Scientific Officer where he focuses on building and integrating the most advanced medical triage API into healthcare systems. In the past, he co-founded dreyev, launched IBM’s first worldwide speech product, pioneered work on car infotainment systems, and served as Program Director at IBM Watson.

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