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Our mission

We want to empower developers to build smart applications that help doctors and patients make better decisions. This is why we are building a state-of-the-art medical diagnostic engine that can power all kinds of third-party products and services, from Electronic Health Records to Mobile Health applications.

How does it work?


Your products or services connect to Infermedica through a simple and secure API and send us anonymized patient health data (such as symptoms and risk factors) for diagnostic analysis.


Our intelligent inference engine analyses the patient’s data and looks for possible diagnoses in a broad medical knowledgebase.


Infermedica provides you with a probability-weighted assessment of all possible conditions, suggests relevant symptoms to verify the diagnosis, and even recommends cost-efficient lab tests to order, enriching your services with the true medical inference.

How does it learn?

Expert knowledge

The foundation of the medical knowledgebase is maintained and curated by our board of medical experts.

Collected data

Anonymized patient data including doctor findings are processed via machine learning to continually enrich the medical knowledgebase, allowing the engine to make even smarter recommendations in the future.

Diagnostic database

Infermedica’s medical knowledge is stored in a proprietary database of probabilistic relationships between various diagnostic variables such as conditions and symptoms.

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Where do you get your data from?

Our medical data is initially created by a team of experienced physicians based on respected literature, the latest research articles and their own experience. However, we also have a complete authoring tool that allows you to freely customize and expand the medical content to solve various diagnostic problems.

How reliable is it?

Infermedica has been successfully used in a number of commercial products and has already handled millions of diagnostic requests through its API. Thanks to machine learning capabilities Infermedica becomes smarter every day as it learns from the data it analyzes.

How much does it cost?

The licensing fee depends on the scope of our collaboration. If you wish to contribute valuable input to our medical knowledgebase we will likely give you favorable terms for the use of our technology. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Infermedica expands the functionality of outstanding products and services.
Here are some use cases that show how our technology can be used to build more powerful medical applications.


HealthLoop operates a platform that enables medical practices to monitor signs and symptoms, and communicate with patients during the recovery process.

Platform: Desktop, iOS


Healthform is an intelligent health assessment tool for clinics and hospitals that offers a patient to undergo a voluntary prescreening prior to seeing a doctor.

Platform: Desktop


Use Symptomate to obtain preliminary information regarding potential conditions, and then make an appointment with a suitable physician.

Platform: Desktop, iOS, Android


DxMate is our latest medical decision support system. The purpose of the tool is to expand the differential diagnostic possibilities if the diagnosis is unclear.

Platform: Desktop

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Our team

Our team consists of passionate people representing three separate disciplines: technology, medicine and design.

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