Discover how digital symptom analysis boosts healthcare in 3 areas

Digital symptom checkers guide patients through the healthcare decision-making process. At the same time, they collect important data for physicians, marketers, and managers. See how these insights can be used to make your healthcare organization thrive.

Insights from the users

In early 2021, we surveyed users of our symptom checker to find out their needs and motivations. The survey took three months to complete and engaged over 2,000 respondents primarily from the US and the UK.

Key insights from the Symptomate Survey

  • Over 44% used Symptomate to find out if they should see a doctor
  • For 74.1%, their Symptomate triage recommendation was different from their own initial plan
  • 45% who planned to visit a doctor said they would follow the new recommendation to self-care at home instead
  • Over 80% will likely use Symptomate again
  • 36.6% visit our symptom checker every few months
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Meet our experts

Portrait of Wiktor Sobolak

Wiktor Sobolak

Symptomate Leader and Data Analyst

Portrait of Aleksandra Kwiecień

Aleksandra Kwiecień

Writer and Communication Manager

Portrait of Piotr Kurkiewicz

Piotr Kurkiewicz

Leader of the Business Intelligence Team

Improving healthcare with user-generated data

The survey results show that people want to make better-informed decisions, and symptom checkers can empower them. By connecting the existing engagement with digital front doors, healthcare organizations can guide users to personalized health services, as well as:

Key takeaways

  • Build patient-oriented environments and improve user satisfaction
  • Collect high-quality data about the needs of populations and individuals
  • Prepare patients for their visit, fill EHRs with up-to-date information, and support clinicians during the visits
  • Optimize patient flow, expert availability, and telemedicine adoption

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This report uses data from Symptomate a symptom checker built with the Infermedica technologies. Learn more about our Symptom Checker →