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We’re proud to announce that Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the largest statutory health insurer in Germany, has enabled a symptom-checking tool for its members. The tool is based on Infermedica’s renowned module for early symptom assessment and care type recommendation.

Screenshot of the interview view

TK presents their new symptom checker. Illustration by Magda Kościańska.

TK's new symptom checker is available through the TK-Doc app. Insured members can use it to assess new symptoms, determine the appropriate level of care for their condition, and receive guidance on the best-suited medical services.

A symptom checker based on a reliable medical platform

The new symptom checker is based on Infermedica’s Medical Guidance Platform; Inference Engine and a database of thousands of physician-developed medical concepts lie at the heart of this technology. The new tool asks a series of questions about users’ current symptoms, risk factors, and health-related concerns. With this data, the symptom checker produces a customized list of the user’s most likely conditions and next-step recommendations.

“Patient symptoms are analyzed by the intelligent engine, which is equipped with clinically validated medical information. This technology has assessed the symptoms of over 12 million users globally so far. Giving fast and reliable information to patients is Infermedica’s primary goal.”

Piotr Orzechowski / CEO and Co-Founder, Infermedica

Screenshot of the interview view.
Screenshot of the interview view.
Screenshot of the interview view.

Screenshots of the interview views.

From symptom check to TK healthcare service

Using the symptom checker, insured TK members can receive appropriate medical information about their symptoms. They can also receive tips on self-treatment for the most common illnesses, such as migraine or the common cold. This helps users better understand their symptoms, the first steps they should take in their care, and the options for future care.

This project was conducted in partnership with IFE Gesundheits-GmbH.

Learn more about TK, TK-Doc app, and Infermedica’s Medical Guidance Platform.